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Featured Blog Turkey Prep - 2

Discussion in 'Front Page Material' started by FireLt72, May 22, 2017.

  1. FireLt72

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    Now that you have started getting that done you need to consider how do I call the turkeys in?

    This can be a daunting task, but if you don't get overwhelmed by the commercial side of turkey hunting you can be successful. It takes some practice to call turkeys in and is not something that you do overnight. There are 4 types of calls that seem to work best. In order of ease of use they are; Push button, pot call, box call and mouth call. Why do you use these calls? Simply we are playing on the males, or toms, instinct to breed in the spring with available females or hens. She will use a series of sounds to attract or communicate with the tom; yelps, clucks, purrs and cackles.

    The push button is the easiest to use. It is a small rectangle shaped call that has an open top and a peg and paddle inside. As the paddle is pushed across the peg friction is created and a sound is made. By varying the speed you can create sounds similar to that of a hen.

    Pot calls are a round bowl shaped call that again uses friction. They are also known as pot and peg calls. They use a striker/peg to drag across a surface to make the hens sounds. They surfaces are made of many products slate, glass, crystal and metal.

    Box calls are usually made of wood, but there are few made with metal sides. They long narrow rectangle calls have a lid that again is dragged across the sides and friction creates our sounds. They are normally used with a chalk to assist in creating friction and sounds.

    The hardest call to use is the mouth call. This is a small latex call that is sandwiched between a metal frame and tape. It is placed in the mouth and pushed against the roof of your mouth. Air is then forced over the latex or reeds to create the sound. The all is that the first time you start to use this it may cause you to gag a bit; so start now practicing. The mouth call can also be custom fitted to your pallet by trimming the tape back.

    We will cover how to use these calls better next time.