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Turkey taxidermy blue ribbon!

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by goggleye57, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. My brother is an excellent part-time taxidermist. He recently won first place for turkeys at the Indiana taxidermists association yearly meeting in Columbus
    (He has also done prize winning deer heads and full body bear mounts.)
    Its a dead turkey mount! If you have any interest in his work pm me.:)
    He is Mike Metz of Turkey Creek Taxidermy
  2. I was thinking if I got a bird this year, I would have it mounted. Could ya tell me roughly how much $$$ we're talking about. I really like the mounts of turkeys on a limb, gobbling.

  3. He charges $525 on average depending on what you want done. I think thats a pretty average amount for a turkey - some lower - some higher?
  4. Wow. Nice looking mount. Never seen one done like that before.
  5. Nice compliment from another taxidermist:)
  6. Hay eric look at
  7. goggleye your brother does good work, most of the time we see game that is mounted all in one or two ways. I love to see taxidermist do different things to put that mount standout. You should be prove of your brother and maybe you will get a discount on your mounts. Does he do fish too?
  8. He doesnt do fish - He refers them to an amish guy over by Nappanee that does good work.