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Turkeys in fall

Discussion in 'Questions about Indiana Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by carp_whacker, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. :fish2: Does anyone know when they will announce what counties are able to hunt turkeys in the fall??
  2. As far as i know it is open for all countys.and you can shoot either a tom or hen.

  3. Fall Turkey

    The official announcement will be any time now, since they have tabulated all the harvest data from the spring season.

    You can bet that the entire state will NOT be open to fall hunting, though. My understanding is that they looked at zones that had good harvests in the spring, then they looked around at adjascent areas, and if they also had good harvests, then that area will get a fall season. This means the Northern part of the state is probably not going to get much if anything in the way of a fall season. Stay tuned, and check the DNR's website.

  4. Fall seasons announced

    Check the DNR website, information to be posted any minute now!!
  5. Fall turkey season info is posted on the DNR website. The record spring harvest gave fall hunting opportunities to a great many of us. Some areas got no fall season, some areas got an archery season only, and some got archery and firearms. What area are you hunting in?
    Best of luck...hunt safe.