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Turtle Creek Reservoir

Discussion in 'Southwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by ChapstickCharlie, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Anyone from this area fish Turtle Creek Reservoir in February or March? I am thinking of a trip that way and was just wondering if it would be worth it for panfish.
  2. CC...for many years TCR was well know for catching large quantities of crappies during the time frame you are asking about. From different articles I've read and talking to people at the boat ramp there the crappies had about disappeared. It's been a couple of years since I've been there so it could be a little different now but I can't say with certainty. It is more known for largemouth bass fishing and from the last time I was there it had a 20" slot limit for bass with a limit of 2 bass. The catfishing is also good there.


  3. New Gas Motor Policy at BlueGrass F*W area

    Hey Treehugger:
    Do you know how large those crappie were at TCR? I wonder if they grow faster in that water as it's warm year round and I hear that thread fin shad live in those waters. Thread fin shad don't grow so big and can be eaten by crappie much easier than those old nasty Gizzard Shad. Also thread fin shad spawn more often so there is more YOY fish to be eaten.

    I wish that they would allow me to use my 35 HP gas motor on Turtle Creek. I would go slow that's for sure.

    Down here in Warrick County, IN near Evansville, IN and Chandler, IN there is a new Fish and Wildlife Area. Nate Leavitt is the property manager at Sugar Ridge F&W area and he also manages the Bluegrass F&W area down here by Evansville, IN.

    Starting this year Nate is going to have new boating regulations on Bluegrass's three largest strip pits. Bluegrass pit, Loon Pit and Otter Pit all have concrete boat ramps and handicap loading ramps to help the handicap guys get in and out of the boat as you launch. They don't have piers or boat docks ..yet.

    But now they are going to allow people to use the gas motors and there are no size restrictions on the motors any more this year.

    They do have an idle/no wake speed limit that will be strictly enforced by the county's CO's. I hope they enforce the new rules strictly so that people don't abuse this new policy.

    Maybe if this new policy works out down here they will open up Hovey's, Turtle Creek and Glendale's Dogwood lake to gas motors at no wake/idle speed.

    Sometimes it's hard to get back to the launch ramp on these big pits when the winds pick up above 15 mph. Now with the new policy we can also better launch and recover the larger boats.

    But the peace and quiet will be gone. I am not so sure I like that part. Hope that everyone will be using those new quiet four stroke engines maybe.

  4. Moose...I don't know about now days but I've got 2 crappie from there on the wall that went a little over 2 lbs. each. The warm water definitely helps the growing period of the fish there. Don't ever look for TC to have a horsepower limit beyond the 10 hp limit. The lake is very shallow, avg. 8 ft. deep. There is no cover around the lake and the rollers can get very bad out there when the wind kicks up just the slightest. The place is still worth a few tries during the year...the bass are BIG!!!
  5. Big Bass, used to have huge crappie but has slowed dramatically. My dad retired from the plant so we fished it a lot. Never had any trouble limiting out on gills or catfish but we did have access to some employee only fishing. Last time we went for crappie I caught a 17.5" crappie but the bite was slow and we could hardly keep the bait from the cats. The colder the better for the crappie, just head up as far as possible toward the warm water discharge.
  6. Sounds good.
    Treehugger said the lake averages only 8 ft deep. What's the deepest spot in the lake? I have a paper map around here somewhere. I'll have to dig that map book out and take another look at turtle creek.

    I have a 16 ft bass boat which is really just a fancy john boat with a bench seat, live well and raised casting platforms and pedestal seats. But it's flat bottom and squared off front makes it hard to push though any big waves.

    I could run my 50 # thrust All Terrain Minn-Kota Trolling motor and get around the lake a little bit. I have a good Blue Top Optima Deep Cycle Battery to power the Minn-Kota. Normally I can go about 2.5 miles on Bluegrass pit with this setup and still have power to spare. Just when the wind gets up it's hard to get anywhere against the wind.

    Isn't turtle Creek run by a power company? I guess they are the ones that make the rules on motor size.

    I probably won't get up there anything soon unless they change the restrictions or I come into some money and buy a new 4 stroke 10 hp motor for my boat.

    I understand the dangers of running too fast in stump infested shallow waters. If you have ever tried to go upriver from Wall's Boat ramp on Patoka Lake to Kings Bridge then you know what it's like to dodge tree tops and stumps in that section of Patoka lake. The tops of the trees (Poles) are sometimes just below the water's surface and easy to hit. It's sometimes hard to find the old narrow river channel unless the lake is at winter pool of 532 ft or lower.

    Thanks for the information on the crappie. Big crappie are always tempting.

    I fished Gibson lake when it first opened up and my boat was still new. LOL But that water was so hot that it stained my boat with all the stuff in the water. Algae maybe? Not sure what it was but it sure gave my aluminum boat ring around the color stains. I do remember catching a lot of small crappie near the logs or safety ropes that divided the hot water area from the rest of the lake up on the North End of the place. I remember that lake getting up and nasty when the winds picked up. There were some big rollers on that lake.

  7. hey moose how big are those strip pits your talking about? where can a guy get directions to get there? i fish glendale quite a bit. great for big bluegill and crappie but you really have to watch the stumps.
  8. Hey Tree, or anybody else, does TC still open about mid January to fisherman?
    By the way, anyone know anything about Gibson lake? I've heard its south of TC and good fishing year round. That was a few years ago anyway!
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  9. the only time i think it's closed is during their special waterfowel hunts. been awhile since i've been there but the guy in the office told me that when the winds get to 15 to 20 miles & hr. the lake can be dangerous for fisherman.
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  10. Thanx SW, I used to fish there quite a bit, but I haven't been there for a few years, I'm going to try it again in a couple weeks.