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Two 12 pointers locked up

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by shaynster, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. They were found floating in a pond northeast of Rochester on Feb 11. The guy that found them is having them mounted to display at Potawatomi Wildlife Park.

  2. Wow, what a find! Thanks for posting shaynster.

  3. Good stuff!!!!!! Wish he would invite me hunt his property....... Two studs like that- Wonder what the Dominant Buck looks like!
  4. Dominant buck looks all he's been in the tub too long.
  5. Lil' ones!!!

    Those are dinks......:cheeky-sm
  6. 24 point buck(s)!!!

    Big John had an Indiana farm journal that had this story on the front page today, then, when we went to the Charlie Alsheimer seminar in Warsaw, someone had the local paper that had that same story in it. Funny how everyone all over the state probably learned of that on the same day..

    I believe this was Tippecanoe County...Does anyone know if this is a fact?????
  7. The tippecanoe river goes through there. Rochesters in Fulton county. It looks like the deer could be father - son.
  8. Well, there's two big bruisers that were felled in one swoop. :(

    I saw a similar pair of antlers locked together on display at the bait shop in Williams, IN a few years ago. It seems an elderly gentleman was on the east fork of White River in a jonboat when two bucks that were locked together fell into the river in front of him. He proceeded over to them and attempted to save them, but they drowned.
  9. I hope they breed a fews does before they died!!