Two hour delay

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by ccavacini, May 10, 2007.

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    Who would've thought...two hour delay in May. Yea, fog.
  2. thats funny...i still had to be to work on time haha

  3. You teachers have it too easy! ;)
  4. I say that to my wife to be occassionally...

    Then I remember, that we haven't really had a life for the last 6 months because of her "cush" job.

    There are teachers that mail it in most of the time, I know because I had them. But Special Education teachers can't do that. She will have made up for the 10 weeks she is off with the paperwork, conferences, and hassles that she has had for the last 6 months. Yeah, it has it's upsides, but you couldn't talk me into being a public school teacher for anything. It just isn't worth it...
  5. Three-hour delay for us!
  6. Fog was bad... I drove circles in the lake trying to find my hunting spot. Shouldv'e looked at the compass before I was lost...
  7. This year was the first year that I've ever needed my GPS. On the water in very thick fog makes you appreciate even an inexpensive GPS.
  8. I never would have thought I would need my GPS hunting up here. Glad I had it today. I actually had to use it to find my way back to the truck. That fog was nasty stuff.
  9. I didn't hunt where I intended on going. I just pointed the boat toward the nearest gobble. I did hear a few birds after I realized I was headed in the wrong direction. Had I gotten the compass out in the beginning, I would have been able to find it.... I think.
  10. I went hunting this morning after I got set up I seen 1 hen fly down then I lost her in the fog, I heard 1 gobbler gobbling his head off across the creek about 6:20 , I never could get him in the field hell I could'nt see till 9:00, about 10:00 I about gave up then I heard another one gobbling to the right of me he never came in, what a crappy morning , well at least I heard a few ....