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Uh oh boys, look what Santa brought me!

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by jstalljon, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Brand new to waterfowling, and the big guy is treating me right! ;)

    Gonna try and break this stuff in before the end of season....
    The Final Approach Eliminator blind and decoy shells are awesome.

    No luck in my family room with this spread though tonight! :coco: LOL

  2. Have any geese hangin around over there? We can break it all in right. You need to get that blind into a mudpit before it all freezes up. A good coating of mud and sitting in the sun for a couple days does the trick.

  3. Looks like santa likes you a little more than he likes J.L.(if you remember what im talking about)
  4. If you don't mind you can drop them off at tinyt's goodwill store.:) I will make sure they get put in use a lot. Haha. Tell the rest of us the secrets to get santa to like us like that!
  5. Hell, if I were a goose, I'd land in that spread...probably on that nice, soft couch!
  6. Why are you up so late James? You act like you are on Christmas break or something.
  7. He ain't the only one up late, i am up late butchering a button buck my friend gave me.;)
  8. :biggrin: Caught six crappies, two redears, and four bass tonight! I'm lovin' break!
  9. Very nice Jon. Get that blind mudded up today. Those shells look nice too.

    Good purchase!
  10. Buy your wife a pair of diamond earrings for Christmas. Right after she puts them on....tell her Santa is dropping off a goose spread to your office the next day!

    She actually sounded "excited" for me! :cool:

  11. How did Santy get all that stuff down the chimney?