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Understressed Important Info.

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by dirtyq, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. I know a lot of you give back a lot to youth and novice hunters and would just like to ask you to stress the importance of tracking an animal after the shot. Numerous times I hear people say "I didn't hit him" and when asked how they know, it is just a "he didn't act hit" or "I didn't find any blood". I have had these situations happen many times only to find the animal within 25yds to 1/2 mile. Just this year I was recording my nephew taking his first deer and after the shot the deer ran off without hesitation just like the others with it and he'd thought he missed. It was a double lung shot with a 12 ga. sabot, the deer went approx. 50yds, through thick cover with not a single drop of blood, before expiring.

    Anyway, this weekend while shed hunting I was sickened to find 3 very nice 2 1/2 year old bucks that I'm sure similar situations had happened, only the hunter didn't invest the time to find the deer. I know they could of died for many reasons, but still feel this is an understated issue and hope you all will help me do your best to pass this on. Thanks Guys