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Unusual Deer Sighting

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Scott Werstler, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Dad and 410 was on the way to my house Friday and saw the following.

    A doe with a fawn. The fawn was smaller than the doe (as expected), and the fawn still had spots (not uncommon). However, the fawn also had matching 5-6" long spikes that were polished white.


    1) Was he born early and got a good start on buttons?
    2) In 5 years am I going to break the state record if I can keep this guy alive?
  2. Sounds like 410 is telling those old fish stories again.:biggrin:

  3. This condition is actually very common among older men that consume bluegills in amounts above the DNR fish comsumption advisories.
  4. Rowdy



    Are they sure it wasnt a piebald spike??
  5. That's what I was thinking as I read this.
  6. Now 410, well I won't say anything more, but dad doesn't B.S. It was 6:00 at night on Friday (plenty of light) and the deer weren't more than 50-75 yards off my road. The road is a dead end and gravel so speed limits are usually about 20-30 mph, 2-3 mph when a deer is in view. No traffic behind or in front of them so they got a good look.

    Sure wish I would have named this thread "the OBR is working" then a degreed biologist might have at least glanced at it and been able to help me out. Guess us arm chair guys are in this together. Give them credit though, it takes a lot of hard work to research how the OBR is not working. Kind of like proving gravity doesn't exist if you ask me.

    So, anybody seen anything like this before? Seems quite a stretch for the pie-bald portions to follow the spot pattern on a fawn, but I'm guessing too.
  7. sounds like it would have hurt momma when she spit that thing out.. :yikes:

    Im guessing just a genetic anomoly. Who really knows though.
  8. what a great sighting that was.:bowdown:
  9. Cool, just last weekend i saw an unusually dark deer.
  10. It's the chicory...dummy!!!!! How many times do I gots to tell ya???
  11. Couldn't be the chicory, only veggies I've seen Tuck eat are onions.
  12. Well to show every one what we seen, I quess I will just have to hunt on Scott's place and shoot that little sucker.:cheeky-sm :yikes:
  13. Good plan 410!