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Unusual Sighting

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Buckhunter, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. While deer hunting yesterday afternoon I had a group of 7 or 8 Turkeys come into the woods I was hunting. One of the Turkeys happened to be a piebald Turkey. It was mostly an off white color but its wing tips had grey and white bars instead of the black and white ones and it had small spots of grey and black scaterred around it's body. Having a fall turkey tag made this sighting even more exiting as it closed to about 30yds but never offered a clean shot before leaving the area. About an hour after leaving it returned and stopped in the same spot for several minutes before turning and going back. As dark approached I was able to spot it go to roost about 70yds behind my stand. I believe the bird was a hen so if I don't get another shot by Oct 22nd it will have to wait until next fall but it is definetly high on my fall harvest list.
  2. that's cool, your lucky to see one. good luck getting her.

  3. Pie Bald Turkeys

    Yes, the pie bald turkey has always been out there, you just have to know how to hunt them. I had 4 pie bald turkeys under my stand this morning which is why I am lobbying with all my power to open the season to a multiple pie bald turkey bag limit. The licenses however are quite expensive so I am also lobbying for a multiple season/weapon pie bald turkey tag that I can use either my crossbow or rifle on. I will also need an emergency rule made by the DNR so I can carry both the crossbow and rifle at the same time into the woods. That way I can use the weapon of my choice as the mood strikes me. Of course you would have known that the pie bald turkey is quite common if the pie bald turkey biologists would be a little more clear with their findings. I recommend talking to an arm chair pie bald turkey biologist instead, but don't tell anyone you actually talked to one. I heard Quail Dancer is part turkey, so you might start there. If you get lucky enough to tag such a bird, I believe Treehugger is opening his own check station. Be careful though I think its a 10 minute boat ride to get to the check station this time of year.:bonk:

    Sorry guys, I need to go home. Been a LONG day here at work!
  4. Most probably a cross with a domestic bird.
  5. I am a Biologist, and have often been called a Turkey!
  6. I would have to agree...probably a domestic bird that made a break for it or was released.
  8. It was definitly a wild Turkey it was with numerous others and had every characteristic of a wild Turkey except for the odd coloring. I don't know if the actual term for it is piebald I just related it to a deer that is mostly white but with some coloring. It appears I have one or two who believe I'm making this up or don't know what I actual saw and I assure you this is not the case. Every other animal has an occasional rare color phase that shows up and the wild turkey is no exception.
  9. Did the piebald have a band????:hide:
  10. Hey, Buckhunter. Not trying to discredit your kill, it's just that I had a situation much like yours that turned out to be somewhat disappointing for me during the spring. The bird I shot was a domestic that had been released at some point during its life. Check out the story in this thread:
  11. I did not notice if it had a band and never thought to look for one
  12. I was just busting my friend J.L's ...well, you know what.
  13. James

    I won't totally rule out a cross between domestic and wild because anything is possible but I was able to look at it for several minutes with other wild turkeys. The head, body and wing patterns were all the same. A domestic and wild turkey are totally different breeds with some evident characteristic differences between them. I'm no turkey expert but while looking it over I noticed nothing that would make me believe anything other than it was just an oddity of nature. Believe me when I first saw it from a distance I though the same thing until it got close enough to see well.
  14. I would put some effort into killing it. If you saw it roost, your half way there for the morning....