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Unusual Trail Camera Pictures!!!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Dean Weimer, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. That's an endangered Raccoon Cat. Don't let Smokey Z see this pic..........

  2. Do I need to post the Black Bear cam pic again???

  3. Two headed buck.


    Ghost doe.




    Buck with a bat in the picture.


    And DeanO

  4. The last one is ignorant!!!!!!!!!!

    An elusive Raccoon Cat, huh Dew??? I wasn't sure, but the ringed tail kind of gives it away I guess.......:rolleyes:
  5. :biggrin: :gaga: :cheeky-sm
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  6. Is that a better trail cam pic you have in your avatar of that bear? Didn't bait him, did you?:evilsmile
  7. Yes, that's him. When I kill a bear, yes, it will most likely be over a donut pile. Donuts are a natural food source for bears.
  8. Strangest picture I ever got on my camera is one that I'm not sure that can be posted on a forum such as this. A trespasser (coon hunter I suspect) found my camera before it found him and all that was on the picture was his hand flipping me the bird. Fortunately all I got was the picture and still have my camera.
  9. I recently got 4 or 5 pictures of a tractor and a bush-hog...!!! My buddie got a coyote on his... very cool picture.

    Another buddy and I were scheming a plan last year to have some "intruders" run topless thru the woods in front of another buddies cameras... LOL
  10. I've got a picture of a trespasser squirrel hunting. He is walking and looking up, holding his gun. It was instrumental in running the guy off. It was so funny when I first saw the pic, he must not have heard the cam.
  11. If the donuts are made of pure 100% wheat flour, natural sugars, etc. then it's O.K. :cheeky-sm