Upper Tippy Watershed??

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  1. Debate on funneling swirls on Noble lakes

    Becky Manley, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

    FORT WAYNE - Local environmental groups are waging a multicounty campaign against one particular form of development, saying it overburdens and endangers the health of the numerous area lakes. Lake funneling is the practice of linking non-lakefront lots to the lake through a narrow strip of lakefront land, thereby funneling people from the larger property located away from the lake through the small lakefront property. The groups, whose efforts focus on the Upper Tippecanoe River Watershed, say funneling can lead to polluted lakes – the consequence of too many boats docked on the water leaking oil and gas. There’s also an increase in noise pollution and safety hazards related to more watercraft. The Upper miles inacres – about 110Tippecanoe River Watershed covers about 77,000 Kosciusko, Whitley and Noble counties. It is part of the larger Tippecanoe River millioncounties and more than 1Watershed, which covers 14 acres.
  2. Tough one, there. Regulate new construction or regulate existing usage? Who has more rights than the other. Everybody wants waterfront and a big old boat sittin on the water.:rolleyes:

  3. Touchy subject, but they aren't making anymore lakes....... Anytime something is regulated people come out of the woodwork to oppose or support the cause. I am a member of TELWF, and know how hard we work to maintain the balance. No one should kept from a lake since it is public property (state). BUT no one person should be able to buy one lot, then dig a channel to an adjacent property creating "more" property with lake access. This completely defeats the purpose of maintaining the watershed. It puts an excessive burden on the watershed by creating disruption in run-off, disturbs natural environment in which the lake had been used to for years, etc, such and so on. I however can relate to anyone wanting to live lakefront. I live lakefront. Somebody obviously disturbed the balance when they built my house and the rest of the houses on this lake. My lake is the beginning of the Tippecanoe River, the highest elevation of water in the Tippecanoe watershed. Like I said touchy subject.
  4. Good developement is responsible developement. We would all like to see our lake shores covered with trees rather than lawns, but that is unreasonable. So long as efforts like this are founded in sound environmental science, and not just emotion and personal agenda, we should all get behind it.

    Well done, and thank you.
  5. Very well put....and wouldnt all us fishermen like to be right there...it is already swallowing up private lakes....very touchy to say the least.