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urban areas

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by coonslayer21, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Just wondering if anybody hunts the urban areas. I see deer just about everyday going to work (in Lake County). Also could someone tell me what are the corporate limits of Crown Point. Info would be much appreciated.:)
  2. I hunt the Tippecanoe urban zone in several places,but still can't understand why everything north of state road 28 is included in that urban zone!!! I think it is because state farm has major offices in west lafayette and got it pushed thru?

  3. Anybody hunts the urban areas in lake county???:confused: :confused:
  4. I hunt the urban areas north of route 30 in lake county and have had pretty good success. The area I hunt gets alot of pressure when the normal season rolls around so I get pushed out and have to go to my main property which is now a lease in Starke County.
  5. I am going to hunt the urban zone in allen county this year, I hope to put some in the freezer.
  6. Are you talking about in the Gary area? Or is the urban area considered of ALL of lake county north of 30.
  7. All of lake county north of 30 is the urban zone as well as Porter County north of 80-94
  8. Stand, hold out for a nice buck, there are some dandies inside 469/69. Take your does really early & real late in the bow season, the rut gets real interesting in the right urban areas.
  9. Do you know any land owners that are having deer trouble, and would allow bowhunters on there property?
  10. Urban zones

    I have hunted an urban zone property for the last 8 years in Marion County. I have had tremendous success with Does and have seen two very nice Bucks taken from this property. The trail camera shows there is at least one nice Buck there this year. The property is small (55 acres), but fruitfull. I have introduced several new hunters to the sport on this piece of property. The opportunity to harvest a Doe is pretty much a given, and to have your first kill is a milestone. Don't overlook these small parcels in the urban zones.
  11. I have contacted many land owners with no success. The owners in urban zones get hounded pretty good for permission and don't give it out very often. i don't know anyone personally , the permission I have is through a friend.
  12. Buck, how do you go about contacting land owners? Earlier this year i bought a platt book for Lake County, but just not sure if going up and knocking on a strangers door is the best bet.:confused: .
  13. I've always knocked and asked or waited until I seen a farmer in a field and approached him. I have always been turned down because they seem to always have people hunting already. They also seem to complain about trespassing alot as most of the Urban Farms I tried are very near residential areas. It seems certain people think because they live near a batch of woods or farm land they have the right to ride atv's/snowmobiles through it or hunt it which ruins it for the honest hunter. The land I hunt with a friend has alot of people come through it as temps cool and leaving a stand there is like asking for it to be stolen, thats why I obtained a lease in the country to minimize trespassing as much as possible.
  14. Today saw a couple of nice lookin does off of 77th in dyer in someones backyard. Might try on knocking on some doors asking for permission to hunt on some of these wooded lots in that area. If some one who knows some one in that general area with land pm me.