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Urban zone

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by QuailDancer, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Warsaw, Indiana the next urban hunting zone???

    This morning driving to work, had 6, count them…SIX deer run in front of my car while driving down Market Street

  2. Urban deer zones

    I love those urban deer zones, it gives me two additional weeks in the woods hunting deer. All Does? Big fat ones?

  3. Next thing you know they will put up a stop sign or light in that area.
  4. I see deer in Warsaw limits all the time. Either on Pierceton road coming in the back way to Winona or along 30 on the way to Biomet. Last summer I saw a doe nursing a fawn within 30 yards of US 30 on a hill covered in crown vetch from where they cut it back when they built the road. It was between Bob Evans and the hospital on the north side of 30. Probably 5 o'clock at night, both were wagging their tails and ignoring the cars. They were high enough up on the hillside that they were at eye level with me in my truck. I probably talked too much, Weimer will have a ground blind there by sundown tonight.
  5. Exactly what color is that vetch stuff Scott?????:coolgleam Carpe Diem lads....Carpe Diem!!!!
  6. Warsaw is LOADED with deer in the city limits.

    A few years back I submitted a proposal to the City of Warsaw to have a "city hunt" and the mayor at that time (different one than we currently have) was for this Archery proposal and began to put things in motion to have it happen.

    The mistake he made was a quick referrence to a "City Deer Hunt" at the end of his weekly talk show on a local radio station without giving any details of how it was going to happen or be roled out......just a little teaser to the public he thought would be "for it" due to the complaints of city deer damage he got constantly.

    The next morning his office was flooded with so many calls about people against killing "city deer" and such..............he pulled the plug on his office phone for 2 straight days to avoid the outcry of "save our city deer"........and pulled the plug on a "city archery hunt" that was about to happen on city owned properties within Warsaw....."all in the name of" ........(well we knew what was going on).

    Talk about "back-lash".

    I know there is a group presently working with the City and DNR to make it an Urban Zone.........would be a good thing........They've got their hands full though.

    My proposal is still in the Warsaw Public Library under Kosciusko Leadership Acadamy White-Paper Projects if anyone would want to read.
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  7. urban deer

    Sounds similar to the problem at Eagle Creek Reservoir at the Northwest corner of Marion Co. They still haven't been able to organize a bow hunt in that area. If anyone wants to see a debocle, get your bowhunters ed. and hunt Fort Harrison. DNR has managed to totally screw up what could be an awesome hunt. Did manage to see a giant 160"+ dogging a doe on the golf course (where I was assigned), the buck was being dogged by a bowhunter on the ground (against the rules and comical).

  8. Weimer,

    You see crown vetch along US 30 all the time where they cut away the bank and added rip rap. It is a low growing forb with little pink flowers. Great for growing in drought areas and areas with little or no top soil. I planted some on the dam to my pond, however the birdsfoot trefoil actually did better.
  9. Whaaa???

    dude, I didn't seriously want to know about the damn stuff!!!!