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Use of Aerial maps to improve your chances of taking "The Boss" in your woods....

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. A new thread, but I'm having trouble posting my "hot spot" aerial map. Anyone use aerials and topos for scouting your hunting areas from long range. First, though, I need help posting a photo.

    Signed, need help posting my spot......:chicken:


  3. W D Y S U .....r!!!!!

    Uh, OH!!! Somebody is scared!!!!!!!!!:yikes:
  4. Can you actually see the tree stand in those photos?
  5. In case you missed it on the other it is, Dean.

  6. Watch it Tree, looks like Deano's sneakin' up !!!
    You'd better post that spot!
  7. My spot is ruined now...every yahoooo in the state will converge on me now...I'm telling you guys, Dean's main goal on here is to be in your treestand before season is over...I swear!!!
  8. Think he's been in mine up in the stand one day, it was littered with moonpie wrappers and empty Blatz bottles.
  9. Huh...thought he was a Schmidt's Gay drinker. 398
  10. Dean, I've used top maps for the last 15 years of better. A few simple steps and you can isolate hots spots most hunters will not find or even attempt to go to...
  11. RETARDS....Not you Indianahunter!!!!
  12. Google Maps has pretty good satalite arial maps, I can see my truck in my driveway.
  13. But what if it is the yard?:dizzy:
  14. my eyes...

    Wishing I hadn't looked that up. Bo, wear some shorts when you're sunbathing next time will ya....there are eyes in the sky, and people with weak stomachs.
  15. As mentioned in an earlier thread, I'm a very firm believer in choosing stand locations on topo maps to specifically target big bucks. Anyone who knows me personally knows that this method has paid big dividends for me almost every season.

    The secret to my success?