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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by goggleye57, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. I'm sitting here bored at work thinking about where and what I want to do this summer on vacation. I have been considering a canoe trip in Canada or Minnesota. What do you all have in mind for a camping/fishing/outdoors vacation for this Summer?
  2. To canoe or not to canoe, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to suffer the stings and bumps of outrageous biting insects--not to mention the backbreaking work of paddling your own canoe--or head West to fish sturgeon on the banks of the Columbia River. I vote for the Columbia.

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  3. I like the wild places canoeing and backpacking can take you. But backpacking is too much work and my back won't allow me to carry a load that long. But sturgeon on the Columbia sounds good too!!!:)
  4. Checkout Goldmine Camp Minn. fantastic place.
  5. ummer vacation

    The upper peninsula is great early summer/late spring before the bugs get with the program in full force. Nice and cool for sleeping at night and having a good campfire. Teqaumenon Falls is really nice. We heard wolves howling and saw moose last year. It's also fun to take a day trip to Mackinac Island on a ferry and see the fort and such. They have a good program there, my kids loved it when they fired the cannon.
    Also Sleeping Bear Dunes Nat'l. Lakeshore has some good campgrounds. Lots to see and do in that area. The walk to the lake up and over the dunes is a nice hike, and the races down the dunes are fun, too.
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  6. Also in the Sleeping Bear Dunes is the Platte River where there is good rafting, and tubing down to Platte bay which is great for beach fishing Steelhead, and Coho.

    Now I'm begiining to think about Vacation.....:bouncy:

    Oh Well!

  7. That's the one and it is a very cool place. Great fishin and secluded.
  8. I already took my vacation to MO on the snow goose hunt. But i know im going in september up to Manistee salmon fishing for a week. I will go to michigan mushroom hunting a few times this spring and go down to Patoka turkey hunting atleast one weekend if not successful up here early. To me that is vacation enough :coolgleam