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Varmint Rifles

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by 410, May 4, 2006.

  1. Well turkey season is well on its way and fishing is just getting good. They the heat of summer and its Varmint Time, groundhogs, coyotes, crows and other varmints. What rifle, guns or bows and calls mouth or machine do you use when you varmint hunting?
    I use three different rifles 222, 22-250 or 243 all are BDL 700's. I have several mouth calls and I am planning to get a machine call but don't know which one to get. May be someone out there could tell us what than use and how it really works.
  2. Pssssssssssssst

    Hey Tuck, don't be shootin' any song dogs this time of year...they aren't in season buddy!

  3. Hey MR Quail this is in late summer and beyond, crows and groundhogs are very game.
  4. Not many Groundhogs around my area, but I do see a few. Most of my shots are under 75 yards so I have a Kimber Of Oregon M-82 rifle in .22 Hornet.
  5. I Use An Ar-15 Carbine In .223, W/ Scope. It Makes A Great Brush/woods Coyote Gun. I Have A Bolt Action .223 For More Open Areas. I Just Purchased This Year A Remote Extreme Dimension Caller. It Is Nice, Previously Had The Wired Model, I Did Not Like Being Limited By The Legnth Of The Wire.

    P.s. You Can Hunt Coyotes Year Round Providing You Are On Your Own Land Or Have Permission From The Landowner.
  6. I normally use a 243(700 bdl) or 22-250 (Encore). And he's right, off state ground coyotes are legal year round!
  7. 22.250 Mausuer 98 action w/ Kimber barrel and synthetic stock Or Marlin 917VS .17HMR. I've had a few crawl offs with the 250 but very rarely with the .17HMR, the .17 just drops them in there tracks from shock i think. As for calls I have a few, like the dan thompson howler, Ki-Yi from Primos, rabbit squaller from Primos as well, and the newest addition is a Critter Gitter, not shure which model but it's a little bitty thing, but I love it. I can make almost any sound if I try hard enough... Drives the neighbors dogs crazy when I get em out :biggrin:

  8. Went to Cabela's Saturday and there was three dead coyotes along the road on 80/90
  9. 410, did you bring me back anything good?!?!?!?!?
  10. I did use a AR-15,but now i got me a new toy ,Savage Varmiter in .204 ruger,im really impressed at the groups and the flat trajectory,cant wait to apply it
  11. Believe it or not. I only give Caleba's $60.00. There prices were high and they did not have what I wanted. A cover for my trolling motor prop, no anchor ropes (they had rope for sking but not anchors), and they did not have a 243 short mag.
    There was very many people in the store, even between 10 and 2 it was empty. I talk to a man that work there in the imformatinon desk and he said that the gas prices and the stores prices have keep people away. I still had a good time looking at the gills in the tank.
  12. 410, I got my anchor ropes at Big R in Warsaw, they had the 3/16, 100' ropes for my anchor winches
  13. I have been shooting my TC/Black Diamond muzzleloader and I think I will try it out on those OLD COYOTES. Got to shoot a bunch of them to save our pheasants, rabbits and yes QUAIL. Have been shooting 100 to 200 yards and that is about the range that we can see around here.
  14. [​IMG]

    I just got this new coyote rig and am working in the barrel. It should be ready to hunt with in another week or so... already shooting 1-1/2" groups at 100 yards with less than 50 rounds through it.
    Savage Model 12 Low Profile, 22-250 with Leupold 4X12X40 and Harris Bipod.