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vehicle crippled deer?

Discussion in 'Questions about Indiana Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by goggleye57, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. I was asked the other day about road killed deer.. If a deer is obviously crippled after being struck by a vehicle is it legal for a civilian to shoot it to put it out of its misery? My guess was it is not legal - you would have to wait for an officer to show up. Whats the real deal?
  2. To best of my knowledge (99% sure), "NO", you can not shoot it. As sad as it is, you have to wait for an officer.

    I will tell you that many years ago I hit a deer and its back legs were screwed up bad. It could not get across the fence next to the road. I had a good pocket knife with me and went up from behind and was able to slit its throat. No problem from the officer that gave me permit to take the deer. Again though, this was a doe, no antlers to battle.

    -Dan- ;)

  3. It is legal to shoot the crippled deer by a civilian. As long as you tag it with the correct seasons tag.
  4. There are two possible interpretations to this question;
    1) Is it legal to shoot and keep a vehicle hit deer?
    2) Is it legal to euthanaize vehicle hit deer?

    To 1), you need to consider if the weapon you are going to use is legal at that time for deer hunting. Second, is the deer on property you have a right to hunt on? Third, are you shooting or "hunting" from or across a roadway (did you spot it from the roadway?)? Is it legal hunting hours? In other words, if you could legally shoot a healthy deer under the same circumstances, then it is fine. The fact that the deer is crippled does not give you any special dispensation to shoot it and claim it.

    To 2), you are probably best advised to let a law enforcement officer carry out that task. If you want to have the deer, just wait and ask for it, maybe he will give it and a possession permit to you, maybe not. In general, citizens discharging firearms in close proximity to a roadway is not viewed favorably by the passing public nor law enforcement. Also, I would say that it subastantially reduces your chances of being given the deer.
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  5. Also-if you just want to shoot it to put it down, and have no interest in the meat, the advice from 2) above still applies. Best left to an L.E.O. for the reasons stated. If you are out in the boonies, and no cell phone, and nobody's around...then it's your call, but I admit it would be hard to drive away from that scene with the animal writhing in pain. Make darn sure you are doing it safely if you are going to do it. Think of angles, ricochet off concrete, backstops, and every other thing that could go wrong.
  6. If its for sure never going to get up again and its 100% safe, I say put it down, If I were a dying deer I wouldnt want to wait for Barny Fife to finish his coffee at the Waffle House with people standing around me. Just shoot me!
  7. I've put several injured deer down that the local CO's know about. All except 1 had been hit by vehicles. I am not sure if it was legal, but they have never said anything to me. That might be because I am a police dispatcher, and it might be because it actualy is legal.
  8. Puting down a deer is not legal. You must contact a LEO first. The LEO may choose to have put it down or he may want to put it down himself. Unfortunately not everyone is honest and we have had reports in the past of poachers shooting deer then running over them with the vehicle. The poacher then brings the deer in to obtain a highway kill permit.