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Vertical Jigging For Summer Bluegill

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A lot of times summer bluegills will suspend out in deeper open water. Has anyone ever tried vertically jigging for them out of a small boat using your ice fishing gear? In the past I have used beemoths fished underneath a slip bobber on a plain hook, but I'm thinking that a quivering ice jig might make a more attractive presentation. Being directly connected to your bait should increase your feel too. Any thoughts or experience to weigh in?
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yes sir. for the past 3 yrs. aslong as the wind aint to bad ice gear is the way to go. soles bay on lake james is my best spot,there is no better feeling than a 10-12'' gill sucking your jig in from 24 foot down.
I often thought about it But I didn't want to look like the idot on the lake useing ice gear with 90 degree temps, now that I know that I aint the only crazy out there I'll have to try it.

Thank you
I haven't used anything but a flyrod for so many years that I don't even own anything else. But Grandad taught to take a couple of ice rods along in the boat. Crickets drowned deep, bee moths, meal worms, red worms, heck, we used to drown minnows on the little rods for crappie in the summer. Caught a lot of bluegill and perch close to the boat like that.

:confused: Wonder if that would work under the float tube or if I'd spook 'em?:cwm27:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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