Very Cool Bowfishing Footage

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  1. I want to go do that SO BAD! Man that would be fun.:coolgleam

    Can you imagine if they let you use a 12 ga.? Oh my! Fish parts everywhere!

    On DVD at home, I have the episode of Tiffany Lakosky bow fishing in her bikini top ... WOW. I think she shot some fish ... can't remember. I didn't see much else after she took her T-shirt off.:biggrin: Yummy yummy ... :corkysm55

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  2. That's an awesome video but, scroll down in the comments and check out the belly on "Craig". He's the 4th. guy down.......................never ever seen a belly like that. :yikes: :yikes:
  3. good man
    please give me the title of that dvd right this instant. I must procure myself a copy. :mischeif:
    man this will add a whole new level of dislike for my wife towards hunting shows haha

    and can anybody tell me why those fish are hopping like mad??
  4. some kind of asian carp or something the motor makes them jump like that heard about them a while back
  5. Talk about jug fishing........
  6. Jones, I'm sure I can set you up with a copy of it. It is a must see!:coolgleam
  7. That looks fun. Tiffany looks hot. Believe it or not guys, I've seen them in the Ohio River a few times. One of my Buddies got hit in the chest by one while they were running at low speed in one of the creeks, to hear them talk about it brings tears to my eyes I laughed so hard. They have made they're way up from the Mississippi river and I've heard that some fisherman have been hurt really bad, can you imagine getting hit by one while running up the river 60+ MPH!!
  8. [​IMG]
  9. we have them in the Wabash around Lafayette, and I have seen 2 that were thrown up on the bank at Oakdale Dam, on the Tippecanoe River.

    There was an excellent picture in the Journal and Courier of a CO, I don't remember which one, in a boat with a silver carp jumping in the back ground.
  10. fordgo6 is right. i've seen em in the ohio before too.