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vexilar - awesome customer service!!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by goggleye57, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. After looking at my checking account I decided now was not the time to get a new fishfinder :rolleyes: So I bought a used fl-8 for a good price from a guy at school. Sent off my old fl-8 to customer service at vexilar last Thursday, Feb 5th I came home from school and had a message on my machine to call Pat at Vexilar. So I called and asked for Pat – I then told Pat who I was and he said – “Hi Mark how the hell are you?, got that vexilar fixed for you – give me a charge card number and we might be able to ship it back to you today” Amazing! Now I have a back up - with that kind of customer service I might just stick with vexilar!:bowdown:
  2. man thats good to know . I just bought the fl 20 hope it last as long as my :bowdown: fl 8 :bowdown:

  3. I've had an fl-8 for almost ten years, and never neede them. BUT it's good to know that they work that fast. Mine is getting tired! Hope your using those vexilar's right now.
  4. That's nice to know, thanks
  5. Vexilar on the porch from the UPS after school today- Sent off Thurs back on Wednesday from Minnesota! :bowdown: