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Video Trail Cam footage of P&Y 10 pt.

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by buckfart, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Fish Hook

    Fish Hook Banned

    Thats a good one!

  2. that looks like a 3.5 yr. old to me still has a year or two and he will be a giant good buck!!
  3. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Not sure i would be able to pass that one up?
  4. Nice! What camera you using?
  5. I'm using a Sony MiniDV.... I think it's a TRV-11. I lost a lot of quality uploading it to photobucket. It's still not too bad though. It's powered by a Pixcontroller board.I agree, he needs another year. Looks like he's a 3.5 yr. old. He's just right at that line for me. Still a pretty deer though.
  6. Pass that buck if you will be rewarded with a real nice looking deer later. :coolgleam

    Nice Video..........some very key "mature buck" behavior was also recorded on that footage. Can you see it???
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  7. Great video! Thanks for sharing!:)
  8. Cool video. Tough deer for most to pass up, but if you elect to and he makes it, you'll be glad you did. Either way he's a very nice deer.:coolgleam
  9. Hard to pass up that one, but he will only get bigger. Nice deer and video
  10. Pretty neat footage...thanks for sharing. Great lookin' buck right there. He's got some real character there. Pass him if you can. It'll be interesting to see him without velvet in a few weeks. Hopefully you'll get some shots of him then. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Everyone says pass on him... but how many would...???
  12. Wait 'til the velvet comes off, then we'll re-assess him. He could be a touch older than you think. Great deer any way you look at it. If there are bigger bucks in the area you might want to let him grow up another year.
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