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Waddell on his own

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Backstrap_Buffet05, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Well this was pretty unexpected but Waddell is going out on his own. I've heard that he's going to start doing some work with Gander Mtn.'s show: We Live Outdoors. Another rumor is that G5 will be his new sponser because he was not happy with some of the new products that Muzzy came out with this year. Whatever he decides to do, I'll still watch him. Here's the link to the story; What are you guys' thought on this?
  2. Wow..Waddell is still the man when it comes to hunting and I will continue to watch his shows no matter what changes he makes.

  3. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I think him going out on his own was to be expected, im not sure of the rumor about muzzy coming out with a product he wasnt happy with, but more to the fact that someone is going to be signing a larger check for him, thats what buisness is about, i cant blame him...he still has a great show!
  4. Michael Waddel (aka Marvin Wafflehouse) is about as real as they get out of the whole gaggle of guys on tv... Hanback is another good one.
  5. I figured that this would come sooner or later.
  6. And to think that maybe at Gander Mountain we will see him and Dean together. Dean I don't mean that in a bad way.
  7. He's funny, a great hunter, and good on tv. Ill still watch him.
  8. You can't blame him for wanting to get away from Bill Jordan (Jurdan!). At least Michael Waddell shows some excitement for what he does and that's refreshing to see. I would like to know how many "staged" hunts he has been a part of though. I do like to watch him, probably one of my favorites to watch.
  9. I will stick with the Primos team and the Drury boys.