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Walleye in the heat

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by 410, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Just was wondering if any of the gang walleye fish in the heat. Id so what do you use to catch those eyes? Quail and I should could use the ideas.:fish: :bash: :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish: :coco: :yikes:
  2. Try deeper now Tucker.....J.L.??

  3. Try fishing at night. Eyes will feed after dark suring the warmer months.
  4. Deep or shallow?
  5. Shallow after dark. Saw a show once where the Lyndens were wading in five feet of water and casting towad the shore! After dark. Here on the Indiana shore of Lake Michigan the walleye will herd up the baitfish just after dusk in 8 feet of water. One of the best kept secrets. I just hate loading my boat in the dark ya know or I would be out there.
  6. I'm with ya Charlie, wouldn't be keen loading after dark either, I'm not used to it enough yet.
    Tuck, my plan was to look deep, mark good fish on the sonar, then start trolling deep.
  7. yep, walleyes can be shallow after dark even in warmer water. It's all about where their forage is at that time. During the daylight, try deep diving crank baits off of first or second break. Walleyes will hang out in water warmer than 70 degrees, but not for long periods of time. But, if that is where their grub is, they'll venture there. During daylight look for them to go deeper where cooler water is. If your fishing after dark I'd find good shallow structure (weedlines, points, reefs, etc.) that are adjacent to deep water. Start fishing deeper while sun is still out, and work your way shallower after darkness sets in . I know a lot of guys who catch 'eyes with floating stick baits/jerk baits near piers, and other shallow structure after darkness has set in.

    After the sun sets look for the 'eyes to head shallow to get minnies that will no doubt gravitate there for safety (and food) reasons. In Indiana's Mesotrophic and Oligotrophic lakes, think weeds, weeds, weeds. Troll along shoreline structures with deep divers (20 plus feet), and then switch tactics as darkness approaches. I also know people who continue to fish deep for 'eyes here: trolling, vertical jigging, etc. Some are deep and stay there; others might be deep during daylight and move to shallows after dark.

    Have fun men!!!!
  8. Yeah...what Dean said.
  9. Thanks to all, I hope by the end of this year maybe I know a little about walleye fishing. Those babies are great to eat and catch.
  10. Warsaw Report

    I recieved info from a baitshop in Warsaw today on the walleye bite in town.
    What I was told...walleyes are hitting a little better on Winona Lk right now than they are on Pike Lk. I haven't been on Winona so I'll take my chances on Pike, at least I know the lake a little better.

    On Pike, the best catches of late have been on the East side, along the campground, and N.E corner of that "bay". Deep water has been key, but walleyes have also been caught in 4 feet of water, very slowly trailing a leech with a single split shot behind the boat.
    Leeches have been producing more than large sized minnows and crawlers.

    I'm sure 410 and I will enjoy posting our success here for all to drool over, Sunday evening.

    :fish: FISH ON TUCK!!! :fish:
  11. Nice report Quail (my fishing partner), can't wait. Did the bait shop we stop at have leeches?
  12. yep, they got 'em!
  13. You guys still looking for them eyes? Come north on 31 and before you get to the state line you will notice some water that is flowing north. Yes I said north. Lots of eyes in there. Check out my pic in the walleye gallery of the 22"er. It was 95 degrees that day. SR-5's are the ticket!
  14. Where is this bait shop in Warsaw?
  15. Rico, take Detroit st, turn East on Lyon st, go to N.Park Ave, turn North, it's mid-way on that first block across from the lake on the west side of the street.

    Not much on tackle, but they carry everything for bait!