walleye tricks

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  1. Since some are gearing up for the walleyes to happen. Lets here some of those time tested walleye secrect tactics.........

    I am kinda partial to rivers, so my favorite is slip bobber and minnow drifted along the runs.. Or casting some shad raps through the same areas.

    Maybe some jiggin in the holes... No bad thoughts here
  2. 'Eye Tactics.....

    I like to use the "new" tactic that materialized over on the Maumee in Ohio a few years back. People are using an egg sinker in the 1/4 to 1/2 oz. range with a leader and a floating jig head, tipped with a 2-3" twister tail. I always use the scent impregnated soft plastics like Berkely Powerbait, Yum, etc. The best color combos are flo. Red head with white body, Chart. green head with Chart./Clear body, Orange on Orange, etc. Switching colors often is key. color can change from day to day.

  3. that is pretty much how i do it as well length of the leader will change as well .
  4. Hey thanks guys for your ideas on walleye. That gives me a idea on what to use so I don't look so crazy when I go for the first time. Keep them coming.
  5. Nice 'eyes!!!

    I got on a mess of nice walleyes last week. Took them right next to a nice pile of cole slaw and hush puppies with another nice side of german potato salad. What a catch!!!
  6. Bait and switch!

    My best luck catching 'eyes is tricking them into thinking I'm actually fishing for river smallies or steelhead...fools them every time.
    This method does however cut down on the number of river smallies and steelhead you will actually catch when you try for those...it's always something.

  7. And I thought I was a jig maniac. :bowdown: Psychobubba!!!!!:fish: :fish2:
  8. Do you sale them psychobubba?
  9. no me and 2 buds go in on them they are cheaper that way .got 1200 twister tails to last for the year hopefully:)
  10. Tails??

    Bubba, you have a preference on tails??? I saw an advertisement for a Mann's Twister Tail that they are touting as the "strongest" one, that will stay on barbless hooks the best.
  11. What type tails do you use and do you use live bait to? I am planning on going to the Elkhart dam sometimes and I would like to know a little bit on how to fish below the dam.
  12. I'm ready, let the 'eyes have it!!

    Ok, just got back from a little shopping trip.
    Have my floating jig heads, 2 and 3 inch twister tails. I'll spool up a couple reels here in a bit and be all set.

    Tomorrow, hitting the St. Joe!!!:fish: :fish: :fish: :fish2: :fish: :fish2: there's a limit right there.