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Walleye vs. Sauger

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This maybe a stupid question, but I was just curious to know what the differences between walleye and sauger are. Here in Terre Haute, I know of guys who swear there are walley in the Wabash. Others I have talked to say they are sauger. And yet others claim that there are neither, and what they are catching are saugeye. I'm assuming a saugeye is a crossbreed between the two. I have never had the opportunity to fish for any of these fish, but I've been thinking about giving it a try. Just figured I better know what the fish is once I get it to the boat. Any info is appreciated.
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IN-Fisherman has a very good article that might help you.

"The Walleye List" is a great place to learn about walleye fishing and information.

I ask almost your exact question several years ago and, you would not believe some of the replies I got and how many were filled with the wrong information.

When in doubt, do a google web search.
Thanks, I'll have to try that.
Probably Sauger, but not out of the question for walleye. Tippicanoe River contains a decent Population and they could migrate to Terre Haute (don't know why, though). Saugeye are stocked in several places in southern IN, however, I don't know if they're in the Wabash R.
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