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Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Mrballenger, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Is anybody doin any good with walleyes. Where and with what. I was just wonderin, a buddy and me are hittin the water for a week.

  2. Just got back from Erie, Friday we caught around 50 or more and Sat. we just didn't count them. WALLEYES
  3. Unless you're on a big run of walleyes, I think they're about done with the spawn, so it might be wise to concentrate your efforts on a post-spawn pattern. But I haven't fished for a walleye in two weeks, so I could be wrong.
  4. am hearing they're starting too run strong in both missisinewa and salamonie reservoirs have not been there to check it out myself though. but is always consistent with mushroom season here.
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  5. well thanks for the feedback. im goin to Brookville in 2 weeks and am gonna try for em. Im gonna use a green headed jig and night crawler for a couple days and see what happens.
  6. Myself and friend, Pete Petros, Professional Walleye Angler ( and my fishing manager at Gander), had a fantastic day on Erie today. I ended up with the biggest fish of the day, but Pete showed his skills by catching two hogs to my one. I've sent pictures to Trevis Mudstain to post for the contest. The males are hitting on the reefs over there like mad right now. Only one of the big females we caught had shot it's eggs. It seems that the spawn will be tapering off in the next week or so. The weather was unreal with warm temperatures and sunny skies. The wind was very light, and the surface water temp. on the main lake was still in the high 40s.
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  7. I won't believe any of that till I see old pork-lips smiling with a big walleye.:fish:
  8. Speaking of pork.....Seriously, when I looked at the pictures I wasn't sure which was, or the fish. I have to ask this question to you guys (and I know I'll get an honest answer)...Do I look fat?:grouphug:
  9. :yikes: :bonk: :evilsmile :evil:
  10. More 'eyes...

    Pete and I went and fished the Michigan side of Erie today as a pre-fish for a tournament this Saturday. WE didn't catch any hogs, but we caught between 30-40 fish and brought home a limit of 10 fish for the skillet. The Michigan limit is 5 per person. It was a great day as we had a lot of action all day long really. Will post a pic. tomorrow.
  11. Do I look fat?:grouphug:[/quote]

    No honey, you look fine...............really! ...... And I'm being honest!.......Now, what time you fry'n up them walleye's!

    Sounds like you guys had a good time Dean.
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  12. My buddy Pete got 6th place out of 61 boats in the FLW League Tournament yesterday. Go to this website to check out the results. His 5 fish weighed in at 19.1 pounds. The winner's weight was 28.2 pounds. Pete cashed in for $900. Pretty cool.
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  13. Well Im not fishing Erie or any big lake. Ive been hitting Raccoon creek in Parke county for Walleye. No luck yet, but have sure been bustin my butt trying to get a few for the skillet...
  14. Oh but the skillet was filled today. 3 fish total. First was a 2lb bass follwed by 2 2.5lbs walleye. I cant wait till supper tomorrow...