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  1. To all you who are out chasing the turkeys this season and manage to bag a few that you decide not to get mounted. I would like to have the wings from them. Just snip them off with wire cutters where the joint goes into the chest cavity. When you are dressing the breast meat out of the bird if you go a little further down the side you will find the joint. Just snip that joint and stick the whole wing in a gallon sized or larger ziploc baggy add a little borax to it (read that as lightly dust the wing) seal it up and shoot me a pm. My goal is to get enough of the wings to make some good fletching out of them for arrows. Thanks for the help fellas... Dustin

  2. not a problem man just got to kill one first.
  3. Exactly.........
  4. I know you are looking for turkey feathers, but have you ever fletched feathers with goose feathers?
  5. Nope but Ill bet they are pretty nice and water repellent. it can be done and lots of people do it, but ive never messed with it to be honest. Speaking of which has anyone gotten a few turkey wings for me yet?
  6. cmon fellas there have been a ton of turkeys killed around here. You cant tell me that none of yas has kept the wings for me.
  7. i'm still bird free brother...sorry i cant help out
    trust me i'd LOVE to have a bird to give you the feathers off of
  8. Sorry Tdl., I didn't see this thread beforehand or I would have saved them for you. I'm taking my son this weekend so theres still hope.