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Warsaw / Kosciusko county lakes

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Hoosier_Steelheader, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Warsaw area Lakes (I have fished):
    Center is nearly weeded shut trolling is out of the question.Gills and Crappie are being caught early in the morning, crappie at night over lights all along the eastern edge of the lake in 8-15 fow
    Pike is weedy long the north edge, and little pike is starting to weed up as well. A few eyes have been taken but you have to work for them. There was a report of a very large cat taken from the swimming area after midnight last Wednesday...
    Winona very weedy (little eagle along the south side at the drop has been producing some eyes when fisherman are not being harassed by jet skis)
    Chapman: weeded up in spots, in the morning nice gills have been taken off Nellies bay, and in the eveing largemouth are showing up along the weed-beds along the south.

    Other Lakes (I have buddies living on or around):
    Dewart, my buddy said this week along the north side of the main island they are taking numerous 1,2lb bass, and monster gills.
    Palestine, its getting haired over, but out in front of the campground they are murdering big gills, and an occasional bass. (gills using cane poles or regular rods like a cane pole into the lilly pads???)
    Webster/Backwater, Webster is very crowded during the day, and on the weekends although fish (Muskie, Bass, and crappie) are being caught, it is not the most pleasurable experience with all the traffic and congestion at the ramp (FYI,tickets are being written for improper parking... one vehicle was towed last weekend for parking on private property.) Backwater has been haired over for nearly a month selct your spot and be prepared to continuosly de-hair your prop(s)

    ps don't forget to say hello to your fellow fishermen, we may have crossed paths and not known...
  2. Thanks for the info!!!!!:bowdown:

  3. Hey Steelheader, way to go MAn. Can some of the others tell us a little about the lakes they are fishing?
    We just got back from Lake Erie and they are catching the walleyes about 14 to 16 miles out from Fenwick Marina, trolling and pulling nightcrawler harness.
  4. I bet that beats a day mowing grass!!!
  5. 410, sound like you were having some fun of your own! Way to go!
  6. Winona Lake, talked to some guys that said they are catching walleye, gills and bass. Will give a report next week for Pike Lake and Spear lake, I am planning on fishing both lakes for 2 or 3 days each. I think my fishing partner Quail and I will be on Pike Lake Saturday or Sunday. Hey gang lets here about some of the other lake that you are fishing.
  7. WE HAVE LAKES IN iNDIANA? HMM I never made the conection:evilsmile