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Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by pigeonflier, May 27, 2006.

  1. Do we have any other die-hard waterfowl guys in here.. I feel so outnumbered against all these :coco: deer hunters on here...Alittle :help: please:help: Just over 3 months and its ON!!!!!!!!! Come on September
  2. Pigeon, say No to Quack and come over to the dark side.

  3. Pigeon sometimes you need time along, just kidding sorry I am not a waterfowl hunter. I know they got to be more bird hunters on this site. I was fishing with Harold friday and he is a waterfowl hunter. I am trying to get him to sign up on the website.
  4. I have seen a guy pee over the side of his boat, but that would make him a water fouler.
  5. pigeon, I guess I would consider myself a die-hard waterfowler. With the amount of decoys and other waterfowl gear I own (other than a boat) yes I would say so. I like to deer and turkey hunt but that's only because the waterfowl season isn't open. Once the waterfowl season opens everything else ends for me. I don't have any place exceptional to hunt but we do take our share of birds, especially geese. I've traveled quit a bit, like the deer and turkey hunters, to different parts of the state and to other states to waterfowl hunt. Twice I've been to Sask Canada to hunt and am hoping to get back again this fall. I'm going to retire next year and am looking forward to spending as much time as possible chasing them long black necks.
  6. I'm a die-hard hunter that spends more $$$$ on waterfoul hunting. :biggrin:

    But don't tell my wife. ;)

    I like to upland hunt alot to. :)
  7. Ssshhhh!! We are not suppose to bring up the $$$$ part,, or the women might see it.:hide:
  8. die hard! Bruce Willis is a wimp next to waterfowlers

    who in their right mind goes out in below zero temps fighting wind snow ice and rain and thinks its great! give a waterfowler $100.00 he will spend it on more decoys to pick up when the feeling in his fingers has been lost. show a waterfowler a flock of geese that can only be approached by belly crawling threw mud and water and he will smile. give this same guy a day of almosts but no shooting and he will be back agian the next day. waterfowling is a sickness that i hope to share with my son or anyone else that likes it muddy hard and cold. tred barta's got nothing on us!
  9. Now thats what I am talkin about,,makes a normal man:coco:
  10. :yeahthat:

    It's a sickness and i take sick days from work to do it.