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  1. the weather is gonna turn right for us bow hunters this weekend .The cool down this week will pay off big for someone on here
    Sunday morning will be cool most of the day and the last two days i've seen deer moving late morning and early evening
    Good luck
  2. Yeah I seen the same thing...Come on Sunday!!!

  3. I walked out late last night looking for the chill and found it!It is 54 this am, down here on the Ohio river.
    River is high, all that rain, Coast guard was pulling boats out on Sat.
    First time, I have prayed for cold weather in Oct in my life.
  4. i love this time of year shoot 3-D all sumer for days like these:bowdown:
  5. The "moment of truth" will come for many on Sunday...GOOD LUCK OUT THERE!!!
  6. Supposed to rain some Sat night to, so that'll help drop the temps a few more degrees, and keep the buggers beded overnight instead of feeding at night. Watch for early morning feeding as a result :)

  7. buck sighting

    Saw a nice buck this morning at 9:20am in some late beans.
  8. T minus 5 days 'til bow season starts.....Ahhh, but who's counting anyways????
  9. I too am stoked to get postitioned in the stand once again. I have never seen a mature buck before the third week of October but it will be nice to sit back and watch all the young bucks strut their stuff thinking they are king of the woods. The white oaks are dropping a very good mast of acrons again this year...I might wear a helmet opening day.
  10. Can't hunt Sunday morning. Both of my daughters are performing in the childrens choir at church. Can't and wouldn't miss it.

    Not sure if I'll go out Sunday evening. I generally don't like hunting on Sunday evenings because it never fails, I shoot a deer and there is no place to check it in. Then I have to haul the deer back in town on Monday morning. Screws up work and if the weather is warm it makes my stomach turn thinking about what is going on with the meat. Man I wish we had a tele check type system!
  11. I couldn't agree more DEC, there's ONE place local to me that checks in deer, and he's there only half the time.

    I spent 3 1/2 hours one year trying to check a stinking deer in on Monday morning. Tele-check all the way!
  12. I agree with tele-check cause we have the same thing down south. i have a 15 mile drive to check in deer/turkeys.
  13. check station?

    Good point on the check station issue. the way, where is the closest check station to Izaak?

  14. There are a couple of meat packing houses in Clinton that check, the feed store in Clinton, and another place about 4 miles from Izaak...a little shop in a guys garage. Best bet is the guys garage for a Sunday or after hours. I'm all for a tele-check system.