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webster lake muskie

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by ice dude, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. I was lookin for any info on where to catch some nice sized muskie out of webster. i'm thinking about goining down there with my dad this weekend. this will be our first trip down there for muskie we have fished it in a couple of bass tourny's and caught some nice muskie on our bass tackle but i would like to find a fish over 40". any help would be appricated. :help: :bonk:
  2. Last week the hot ticket was sitting out in the middle drifting in 3 foot waves and 40-50mph winds casting into the wind. Webster appears to be "post spawn" with the Musky. Other lakes in the area may still be in the spawn, kinda depends on how the weather the last week affected them. Lures to use were Glide baits like Tippy darter's, Beer Belly Gliders, Hoosier Handmade Easy Glide's, and magic makers...

  3. Hey Kevin, what lake is your place on at the Barbee Chain? A friend of mine has a cottage on Little Barbee close to the marina. Was up there last thursday night and Friday day, what a miserable time. Other than getting some things ready on the pontoon, it was not much fun. We did cast a rubber worm off the pier but only a few hits and could only do it between rain. Were hoping to go back up within the next couple weeks to finish things on the pontoon and hopfully do some fishing.:bouncy: I don't know if it will be on a weekend or during the week yet .
  4. My place is on kuhn by the ramp... Is your friends place main lake or on the marinas channel... If main lake by that marina take long casts with above named baits and hold on....
  5. Kevin, his cottage is on the lane just before you get to the ramp at the marina about halfway down to the end of the lane on the lake side. When you look across the lake you can see pic-a-spot campground. Was wondering if this time of year you can do anygood using suckers or other live bait under a float. If so what method do you recommend. I have a Quantum 7 ft rod and the trophy reel that I put one of those big round floats on and a leader and weight down towards the leader to help keep the bait from swimming up. Thanks.
  6. Guys have been having luck with suckers on webster... But honestly you should have as much luck casting gliders and cranks. Just be sure if you use suckers to use a quickstrike rig and have 8" bolt cutters handy to cut hooks if needed..A good pair of Diagonal cutters will also work if you don't have the 8" bolt cutters.. Brands like Klein, Craftsman, Channellock, and Knipex are all highly reccomended, for Bolt cutters I only reccomend Knipex, though they are pricey(around $37-42 online), though the cheap bolt cutters from lowes/depot and the 'marts will do the job, just with a little more effort needed. Also, don't leave your rod/reel unattended with a sucker out, besides being illegal, the muskie love pulling them into the Almost forgot.. A good net, Beckman and Frabill make great ones if you start fishing Musky a lot...the coated bag on them do not harm the fish like the old green nylon ones can... But like I said, if you start fishing Musky a lot... They are not cheap... The chain is turning into one heck of a Musky Fishery, and it will only get better with time.. One Last thing, a couple local guides have been having trouble with a certain brand of quick strike rig recently.. I do not like to bad mouth any manufacture as stuff does happen, but the brand is "Musky Bill's Tackle", I'd just hate to see anyone lose the fish of a lifetime because of a bad crimp..