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Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by SureShot2010, May 29, 2006.

  1. I have got a private pong out back about 2.3 acers and it is over grown with weeds!!!:bash: :bash: :bonk: :bonk: What would be the best way to get rid of them??? Anyone got any suggestions:chillin: :chillin: :chillin: :chillin:
  2. I called a pond management place a few years back for my honey hole. It was gonna cost me around $10,000 to take care of my weed problem. It seems that all the farmers(my dad) putting fertilizer on the fields has given me a high nitrogen content in my lake. Or so they said. The cheap way was to put grass carp in it. But they didnt recomend this method. It didnt put enough money in their wallet.

  3. Put Copper Sulfate in one spot not all over your pond, Put it in a area when the wind blows across the pond and let the current and wind do the work and yes grass carps do work but it takes for ever.
  4. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Years ago, when I lived on a pond, I had the same weed problem. Put some weed killer in (don't remember the name, but got it at a feed's for farmers' irrigation ditches). Carmax????something like worked, with no fish kill.

    I remember the copper sulphate working on algae but not the weeds.
  5. What kind of weeds were you targeting?
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    Don't know the name of the weeds..probably those that grow in every pond...tall enough almost to break the surface.
  7. I know what you guys are talking about...I don't know the common name but the scientific name is growethfromthebottomethbutneverreachesthetopofmossbutalwaysgetyourhookcaughtinthemoss
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    Yep, those are the ones I'm talking about.
  9. Are you sure about that spelling?:rolleyes: roflmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. If the weed is a submergent one that grows in 6-8 foot of water and just barely breaks the surface, then I would say you have sago pond plant. I had this in my ponds and was able to kill it off by spot treating with aquathol super k. You can buy it in 10 lb or 50lb buckets. The 10lb bucket cost $184.00 the last time I bought it. It is in grannular form and sinks to the plant and sticks to it. It works much like Round Up (being a contact killer) and can be used for spot treating fishing areas and beaches.
  11. Sureshot,

    Didn't realize you were in Garrett. I work in LaOtto and bought the Aquathol Super K at LaOtto Farm Supply owned by Lutters there in LaOtto. You can call me at work at 260-897-4311 anytime if you want to talk about the weeds or see about showing them to me. I am usually at work until 6:00 or 7:00 these days.
  12. By the way, Scooter, when am I coming down fishing?
  13. Fishing

    Anytime, my friend. Just call me, 260-723-5858 at home or 260-897-4311 at work. Ask Weimer, but I've been working a lot and under stress for the past two months. Would be nice to relax and talk hunting while fishing for awhile. Projects here should lighten up at the end of June, but that doesn't mean you have to wait until July to call and come down. In fact, I'm at work now trying to get caught up when no one else is here to bother me.