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Weekend Honkers!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by Rauch, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Got to go back home this past weekend and do a little hunting with one of my buddies. Saturday morning was tough with the "bluebird" sky, but we did manage to get two. Here's my buddy with his lab.

    Sunday morning brought the SNOW..... Birds didn't end up flying until later in the morning, but when they did here is what happened.....

    We had a great time!!!! This was one of our best years for waterfowl!!! Good luck to any of you going out this last weekend.

    Now, I can't wait until March when we are going snow goose hunting in Missouri!!!!!

  2. Awesome! Congrats on some late season honkers.:coolgleam

    Man I wish I was down south right now. It's killing me watching all these birds around here and not being able to hunt them.:(

  3. Great job!
    There's six geese that will never poop on another golf course.
  4. rauch are you hunting private ground in miss. or guided , been wanting to hunt snows for years, or could you give me any info. thanks!!!
  5. Nice job, guys! Hope to get a few this weekend before they go out...
  6. Way to go, we had a similar situation down south as well..
  7. Rauch, tell us about your spread. I don't see a 100 decoys behind you, did the birds work well with a thinner spread? I'm just curious, seems like geese guys depend on #'s of decoys, be nice to know it's not always needed. Great pics by the way!

  8. We ended up using 18 full bodies and 2 dozen shells. For a dozen of the shells, I use the motion stakes which I feel works out well because as long as you have a little wind, they give the spread motion. We have been seeing the birds in the field in seperate groups, so we put the decoys in 4 groups basically just in a line with a little bend in it. Put the blinds in the two middle groups with the wind at our back and the birds worked great. This has basically been the set up we have used all year (for the most part and it has worked well).

    As for the spring snow goose hunt we are going on, we are going with guides as none of my buddies nor I have the money to spend to buy all the decoys needed to hunt snows nor the time to go out and scout. If you want to know which guides we are using or anything else, send me a PM. As of now, there are only 4 of us going and the guides usually hunt with 6 per field/setup, so if we had two more Indiana boys that would be great!!!
    We went out there two years ago and had a blast. In 3 days of hunting, 3 of us killed 88 snow geese. Best hunting trip of my life. You will see more waterfowl out there in 3 days than you might see in a whole season hunting in Indiana.

  9. We had the same situation sunday morning in the snow we did not see our first goose until 10:30 we ended up with four.

    After my last few hunts i am hooked on the silhouettes. I think they work as good as anything and are alot easier to lug through a muddy field.
  10. Thats awsome. nice photos.