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Weekend Predictions

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by treehugger, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. I predict that someone on here will drop a nice buck within the next 3 days covering the period Oct. 6-8, Friday - Sunday. The temps have cooled, the full moon is out, we will be spending more hours in the field, it's bound to happen. Who will it be??? Good luck out there!!!
  2. Hopefully I can post pictures of "The NEW BOSS" on Monday. Tonight is my first stand time this fall. Anxious to see what happens!

    Good luck to all!

  3. Don't you mean "The New Bruce Springsteen Buck"? Let's be politically correct here.......

    Oooops, ignore the word politically....don't want to start another debate.
  4. them big ones are moving a buddy seen some nice ones
  5. On the way home from work yesterday on the toll road, I saw a pretty nice buck in a bean field. Pulled over on the shoulder to get a better look. I think he would have JUST missed P&Y....then I noticed another deer's body a few feet away with its head in the beans...all of a sudden it picked it's head up. Main frame ten with and GREAT tine length! :yikes: I bet he was knocking on 160's! This as at 4:30 in the afternoon too! Man it got me fired up. Too bad it was near a block of woods that has "no hunting/trespassing" posted every 2 feet! :(
  6. That's why he became a 160 class buck.;) He's smart, he knows where to hang out.
  7. I was looking to get out this weekend but my wife stumbled on some free Blue Man Group tickets in Chicago on Sunday! :chillin: :chillin: :chillin: I guess I will have to get some stand time in on Saturday!
  8. I'll be out this Sunday. I damn sure better see something. Last trip out all I got was bit by mosqitoes, some the size of my freaking thumbnail!
  9. Oh's gonna' happen soon...I can feel it.
  10. i have a good feeling about this weekend...i'll show you pics of the monster i get saturday on'S FINALLY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!:bouncy:
  11. Thanks A LOT for spoiling my surprise!
  12. I predict that Qauil will score on a monster......soon. VERY SOON!!!!!
  13. This just goes to show you all that predictions very seldom come true about big bucks.......LOL!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

    Gotcha Qauilrunner!!!!
  14. Yea this weekend will be a great weekend! i think the bucks will be moving big time and i will be out there to get one of them big ones down!! good luck to everyone im goin out right now!!
  15. Bring on the Bucks! This weekend should be a great weekend to hunt. Hope the weather stays cool.