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Weimer Shame!!!!!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Bocephus, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Dean has reached an all time record low.... he is sending people private messages instead of posting. He's taking this 1000 post thing way to seriously.

    Poor Dean
    Maybe someday he'll get a shot a tail.
  2. He has indeed sunk...a new low not only for Wiener (sp?) but for all of us at IndianaSportsman. I too received one of these "chain letter F Y PM's." Just sad, Dean...just sad.:nono:

  3. You too BO??? He won't quit PM'n me either...stop it Dean, be a real man and post!!!
  4. Darn it , I got one too, and here I thought I was special.
  5. Thank the good Lord I haven't received one:bouncy: !
  6. I figure that Dean won't post again until at least Thurday! That would be the day after poll question!
  7. Come on Dean instead of the P. email, step up and be a real man. I am going to phone Scott and see how he feels.
  8. This leaves the door WIDE open to all who wish to go back to a two buck season, shoot crossbows with all the bells and whistles, eat all 14lb walleyes they can catch, blondes with lycra suits and skis, extended shotgun seasons, targeting spikes, writing critics, and those who just wish to get a little jab in at our friend Deano!!!!!
  9. Huntin' Buds!!!

    This was forwarded to me for posting to "Weimer Shame!!!"...if this doesn't get Dean to pull the trigger on # 1,000 nothing will. :bash: :bash: :bash: [​IMG]
  10. Talk about going for the jugular vain!
  11. Jimmy and Dean...are those sausages? They look linked!
  12. I guess Jimmy Dean sausage comes from caged deer....everything is making sense now. shame shame shame
  13. Wonderful pic. treehugger! That photo was taken at Russ Bellar's ranch in 2004. Congratulations on your deer, Dean.
  14. The Shadow Knows...

    PM's PM's....Think we've turned Dean into some sort of peeping tom.