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Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by rico, May 30, 2005.

  1. was it a good year for you hunters out there? below average for me, but a heckuva a lot better than last year.
  2. "well" - thats a mighty deep subject:biggrin: . Average season -
    they all tasted good:corkysm55

  3. Had a good-great year i thought in IN. Just topped it off with just under 100 HUGE yellows from up in MI. Had an awesome time though just me and a buddy. This upcoming weekend would be the weekend to be up there i believe near Gaylord/Boyne. Found 4-500 down here in IN.
  4. glad to hear it men...
  5. Average for me. Have any of you guys ever fried up Portabella Mushrooms like you do regular old sponge/spike?? My mom had me convinced last night that i was eating 40 dollar a pound sponge mushrooms. Turns out, it was 2 dollar a pound portabellas. Never knew how much those things tasted like the regular ol sponge and spike. Had she not told me, i would have never known.
  6. Not a big mushroom hunter, but I found 2 nice messes on my property.
  7. mushrooms

    New to mushroom hunting. Can anyone tell me the best times to hunt mushrooms and possibly where to hunt them in northwest In.? Thanks.
  8. there is no "set season" for the mushrooms we are talking about. times very depending on your location. i start looking for them around the middle of april. and keep hunting until the middle to tail end of may. the farther south you go, the earlier the season starts and ends. the farther north, the later. and all of this is also contingent on the weather conditions. how much rain and cool or hot conditions. be aware that we are talking about morel mushrooms here(gray,black,yellow "sponges") dont eat anything out there unless you are sure what it is. there are some "mushrooms" that will kill you if ate. there are websites out there that will help you with identification. ps...any woods will do for hunting them.......

  9. PS...any woods YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO BE IN will do for hunting them...

    I run off more mushroom hunters than I do deer hunters ! :banghead3
  10. you are right...i forgot to mention that to him...i do believe they actually put that in the law books this year...and i always thought trespassing was a crime....
  11. I always thought it was too, Tresspassing is tresspassing...

    I just love to hear, but all we're doing is mushroom hunting or another favorite...I've been coming to these woods for 10 years !!
    I didn't know tresspassing had a grandfather clause. If you tresspass for over 9 years it makes it Ok !!

  12. that is one of my favorites