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wells county hunting

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by stranger2u62090, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. hey guy this is my first post on the site i just moved to wells county from the hills of ohio and was woundering if any of u guys knew of any good and close public hunting or landowner in wells county around bluffton and if u guys got any tips on hunting stills for these flat lands cause in use to the hills of ohio any help is appreciated thanks
  2. salamonie or rausch has the only public hunting in that area it is hard to find private land in wells county to hunt alot of farmers don't want you around or someone has already got permission the deer population isn't that great in wells county i do have private land there to hunt not a lot of success it has been in the past that locales would shoot anything that came by i'm starting to see more deer there this year not the quality that most other guys are seeing find you an area in jay or blackford county unless you can get some in wells what brought you to bluffton i'm i have family there west of town i'm there quite often

  3. i use to live here like 12 years ago when i was in elmentry school yeah i pretty much have to stay close to this area this year cause of transportation and work ill just be happy if i get to go out this year thanks for the help
  4. i have family in bluffton im staying with i have an aunt that lives in adams county i went to here place and it looks like a good area to hunt any of u guys know anything about adams county hunting