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Went Swimmin' Tonight!

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by JL, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Was walking through my waterfowl swamp tonight, about four feet deep with flooded timber all around, and I lost my footing...went straight down with just my head sticking out. Gun was completely submerged. Looks like an extended cleaning session is in order tonight. We didn't even get any ducks either. :mad:
  2. I guess the silver lining is that it is not 20 degrees cooler (Water temp, that is) than it is currently!:yikes:

  3. Went swimming last night,but was 15 feet in the air in treestand! I was optimistic that it was going to quit raining.....Ha!Ha!
  4. Hey JL don't feel too bad. It happens to the best of us. Sorry about the lack of birds.
  5. BRRR!!! JL, didnt anyone tell you that your supposed to let the dog do the swimming :bonk: Thank goodness its not Dec when that happened. Could have been a bad situation.
  6. i bet you froze your ducks off
  7. James, sounds as though you've finished in high honors from the QuailDancer school of outdoorsman skills. Replace the gun with a flyrod and the ducks for trout...sounds way too familiar.
  8. WOW I thought that only happen to Quail. HA!HA! Sorry Quail
  10. That's what you get for chasing those sky carp instead of being in your %#$%$ deer stand when there's atleast one 140" buck around.:biggrin:
  11. Didn't have your cell phone on you when this happened did you and ruin it? Like...uuhh....I did.
  12. Been there ... Done that.

    Puts an abrupt end to the duck hunting for the day.
  13. Been there, crossing a creek on a big tree downed over the water. Hit a slick spot on the log, did the old complete slip-fall and managed to rest my gun on the log as I fell into chest deep water. Dried off, changed clothes, crawled across the log and killed a couple ducks.
  14. I heard that tilesetter! I did the same thing on Monday night!

    Sorry to hear you didn't have a good time swimming James...

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  15. Anyone who has spent any time in waders has done the same thing...if you're lucky when it was warm and you had some dry clothes in the truck. If the ducks are flying or the fish's not so bad...just wet!
    The bad thing about waders is that they hold water in as good as they keep it out.