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What 12-Gauge ammo do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by Dean Weimer, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm currently thinking about switching ammo. for my Remington 12-Pump. I am scoped out with a fully rifled barrell. I am dissatisfied with the one I am currently using because I don't think it really packs that much knock down power.

    What do you like? What new ones do you like? What have you always stuck with? Let's hear it fellas.....
  2. Federal Hi-Shok 12 ga. slugs shot out of a Winchester Model 140 semi-auto, smooth bore barrel, no scope. Probably won't be using it anymore for deer hunting now that I have the new Thompson ML.
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  3. Rowdy


    Remington Copper Solid's are my first choice, I switched to them after shooting a few boxes. They are pretty bass ass. I used Winchester Supremes for years before I found the Copper Solids.

    I once shot a doe at 50 yards that was looking directly at me, I already had my gun raised and she spotted me before she was broadside. The exit wounds was so massive that I could put my fist inside it with ease. I shot a buck with one last season and he traveled 0 yards after the shot.
  4. for sabots i've always used remington copper solids. very accurate and lethal.
  5. I have an 870 Express pump with a Simmons scope on it. I struggled to find a good load for years, until I shot the Federal Premium Barnes Expanders. I can hold a three-inch group at 100 yds. with these shells. I shot a doe between the eyes at 63 steps a few years back. In my opinion, this is the best slug out there.
  6. win

    2 3/4" winchester platinum tips out of an 835 ultimag with rifled barrel, killed the 182lb- 120" 8pnt last year at 75yd quartering to me slightly below me. Went in high in the near shoulder, exloded part of the rib cage which in turn exloded the heart and angled through the lungs. Exited 2/3 out back about half way down the body. He ran to my tree and flopped over dead. Killed one other buck and several does with these loads, they expand great, I think gold tips produce about the same results.
    They shoot honest 4"groups at a hundred yards in good conditions out of my gun. I am an excellent shot, though.
  7. 2 3/4" winchester partition golds out of an 835 ultimag with rifled barrel, redot :bowdown: :bowdown:
  8. I Have An 870 Pump With A Cantilevered, Fully Rifled 24" Heavy Barrel. Remington Copper Solids Seem To Preform The Best. It Will Keyhole At 100 Yards, Given A Good Rest. Federal Sabots Are Second Best.
  9. Winchesters super x sabots, or the federal hi-shoks have worked well for me...but then I don't expect Dean would listen to me.
  10. Count another vote for copper solids. I've hunted with the same Mossberg pump for 25 years and nothing else has worked as well. Great accuracy and hammer knock down power.
  11. Remington "Buckhammers" & Other Brands

    While I don't use a 12 gauge slug anymore, due to a shoulder injury; I do use my Browning Gold 20 gauge Deer Hunter. It seems to shoot Remington Buckhammers or Lightfield Hybrids the best. I've also tried Winchester Supreme Golds, but at 260 grain I though they might be a little too light and was concerned about expansion. However I did harvest one Deer several years ago with a 12 gauge Supreme Gold load in my Savage M-210 Slug Gun. The Deer managed to run 25 yard more before going down. You might try each one, I listed, and see which performes the best in your shotgun. However, the Buckhammers will give you a little more bullet weight.

  12. Nothing special here. Remington 870 Express Mag, nicknamed "Trusty!" All I shoot are the cheap regular Winchester's. 4" groups @ 100 yds. Nothing special, but it gets the job done!!
  13. Remington 1187 with Kent Impact Tungsten Matrix #1's is lethal out to around 60 yards. I call them the Cripple Getters.......;) ;) ;)
  14. Mathews Switchback Slugs Work Best For Me Deano
  15. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I shoot federal premium barnes expanders out of a H&R 12 gauge Ultra hunter, toped with a leupold 4 power scope. best combo i could find for me!