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What a Joke!!!!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. What's even worse is 2 people actually bid on it.

    Why would you possibly want someone elses kill tags? :dizzy:

  2. that is a joke. i also notice none of those tags were locked. their probably not even real.
  3. Why?

    So they can poach. Just match the tag color to that which is being used in a given year and at first glance it appears that you are legal. Granted, if a CO ran the numbers he would find it was illegal, but to the Average Joe, it would appear legal on the surface.

    I actually, know a couple guys that never put there metal tag on their deer. They have drawers full of them. They keep them un-used in just the event that they might "need" a metal tag at the last minute. Truly sad.
  4. Hard to tell from the picture, but looks like the one silver one has never been locked, but looks like one of the others has been cut after being locked.

    Can't tell on the rest.....

    You're right is truly sad that someone would use these to poach, but I'm sure it happens.

    I know the doe I checked in this year...they used to come out and lock it on the deer. This year, he just handed it to me....said he didn't wan't to go out in the rain and get wet. I could have easily just kept it unlocked and wait for the next deer.....but I'm too honest! :biggrin:
  5. They dont have to put them on !!!!! That is your JOB ....Thats what the Regs. say!!!! Dont get caught with one not on and LOCKED in !!!!!
  6. It has been a long time since I had anyone come out and actually either put the tag on themselves or even witness me putting a tag on a deer, at a check station. I mean A LONG time. I get handed the metal tag and out the door I go, regardless of the which local check station I use.

    The last time I had someone actually put the tag on the deer, was a doe I checked in at the Pigeon River station, that was 5 or 6 years ago. That was only because it happened to be a DNR person working the check station.

    I always use my metal tag on my deer, but I've seen many a hunter at the check station just throw the tag in the truck and take off. I believe that the majority have NO intent on using it for another deer, but still, there are some that I know do it. Sure would be easy to throw any metal tag on that second or third buck, just to make it look legal.

    So again, what is so bad about telecheck?
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  7. I agree totally, that this is what the regs say. Unfortunately, it is a loop hole that a few bad apples will use in an effort to tag multiple deer.
  8. I agree 100%
  9. Probably Jimmie Houston and Ronnie Dunn.
  10. :lol: Nice one!
  11. Hey if shipping actually cost him a buck - he made almost $9 :)