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What a morning!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by treehugger, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. What a morning for viewing wildlife!!! Driving into work this morning through Vermillion County the birds and the deer were out and about. In one field I saw 7 big Tom's in full strut with 9 other birds in the field. Another 10 miles up the road I saw 15 deer feeding in a field. A little farther up the highway a big "boneless" buck ran out in front of the car ahead of me and ran up the hill and stood and watched me go by. Before my turnoff into work I saw 2 more big Tom's in full strut in front of 5 other birds. The birds are "HOT" right now!!!
  2. I 2nd that, must have seen 25-30 deer this morning driving to work, 3 way to close!

    We have no turkey up here:banghead3 :banghead3 .

  3. I saw the same kid in Fremont that raises his 4-H banded turkeys being chased back into his house by several of his hand fed toms........

    ............even the tame birds were moving well/wound up this morning. :evil:
  4. ummmmm i've only left my bedroom to drop the kids off at the pool...closing back to back to back nights...
  5. Tree what a view it must have been, sun coming up and all the wildlife on the move. GOD IS GOOD
  6. This morning, I drove up into southern Michigan for some business meetings. I took the scenic route. I honestly drove past JL's house (true story) and I could see the glare off a few bands from the road ... (sorry JL, Dew and Scott put me up to it) ...:evilsmile

    In all seriousness though, this sun shine had the birds all over in the fields. Strutters all over the place. I pulled up to one stop sign and there was a hen standing there not 20 feet from my truck.

    I stopped and checked one of my hot spots on the way back to the office and there were tracks everywhere. I can't wait for next weekend!:coolgleam
  7. Where did ya see them at Treehugger. Ive been seeing a couple groups of birds on Hwy 63 near the vigo vermillion county line on Hwy 63. They are some nice strutters. Ive been seeing the near Broulittes creek.
  8. I think it'd be much more sporting of you to hold off shooting any of those birds and instead live trap a few and bring them to Whitley Co.
    Some of us live in a turkey black hole.
  9. The fields south of the bridges on the east side have birds in them almost every morning.
  10. Up around the trilakes area.....maybe even a few in the wolf lake area....
  11. dleslie217 thats the birds Ive been seeing. Ive seen them in the evenings as well. Ive also been seeing them south bound just past the Vermillion vigo county line in the one big field off to the right. Tonight I saw some just north of Eli Lily on hwy 63. They were strutting like no tomorrow...
  12. Yes Arrowmaster, those are the ones I've been seeing along the creek on 63.
  13. I saw 19 there this morning. No strutting going on, but they were out there in the fields...