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What a site...

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by anon782010, May 6, 2007.

  1. It is said often, and I am always the first to second it, that this site is full of great people. Most everyone willing to help however they can, and lend advice when they have some. Most everyone I know that really frequents the site has made at least one friend that they wouldn't have had without it. many have gained family...

    I found out yesterday, that I have two soon to be cousins on here...:bouncy:


    See you at the reunions!!!:evilsmile

    Rico already offered up a fishing spot for my integration into the family. Scott, you gonna offer a tree stand to a cousin?

    What is a few deer among family??? HAHA

    So Scotty, can I call you cuz? And if I can't, can you at least lay off on me about the ISSC every once in a while!!

    Just wanted to share...
  2. i'm telling you gotta marry somebody that has access to land haha atta boy marsh

  3. Small world isn't so small anymore..........
  4. What ???:yikes: :yikes:

    Somebody open the bar, I need a shot NOW!

    Keep your &*(^ luck to yourself Mudhole, none of it rubs off on me.

    (You'd think among family the Cadman team would still be in first place!)