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what are these ??

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by Morchella Fella, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. figured id share a few pix .... been pickin em for awhile now ... have yet to spot any greys ... but havent been lookin for em .... may do an outting this weekend ... goin to pick blacks tomorrow .... maybe look for greys then or wait til saturday or sunday FRESH angusticeps [​IMG] and a couple that have been up for a bit tho still very fresh [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Sounding pretty confident there Fella!!!!;) May you find more than you can eat! BTW Nice pics...

  3. shroom-man is at it again. Looks good!!!;) ;) ;)
  4. thanx .... i am confident ... lol ... im SURE ill pick morels over the weekend dcan NEVER pick too many ... lol .... im bitin at the bit tho waitin for the yellows !!! once the greys and yellows come up ill more than likely try to get out everyday to pick ... right now im just passin time pickin blacks .... not alot of good black morel areas here near me .... good luck to ya as well crooked !
  5. Yes...very nice. I doubt they'll be poppin' with the two inches of snow we have on the ground up this way...:sad:
  6. Enjoy it and be thankfull you have places to hunt for them.
  7. Thanks man! I've got some good spots, but I wont find any yellows 'til April25 th +/-. Sure wish I had a spot that would produce this early.......... I usually start finding blacks in another week, but this mother nature thing this year sucks........ I don't know whether she has pms or is going thru menopause. I hope the weather gives pretty quick! Keep on pickin'!!!!!!!!!
  8. Tis the season, can't wait till thaw;s next week
  9. picked 70 or so blacks today ...will post pix later .... cord will only fit into my laptop .... they are up and sum of the ones i picked today are large blacks ... and new growth .... picked em in the snow ... lol .... like i said have pix to prove it ... no BS .... good luck to yall
  10. How far south are you Fella????? Just curious, I'm pretty far north.
  11. :bowdown: mmmnnmnnnnn shrooms :bowdown:
  12. here are a few pix from yesterday ... ya can see the snow flyin in the first pic .... didnt spend much time in the woods as my cousin's feet got wet and he froze out ... i was still pickin while leavin the woods ... may go back out today or tomorrow .... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] as ya can see by the pix there was a good mix of both new growth and older ... the large ones really surprised me .... and taste sooooooo GREAT .... lol .... good luck to yall !
  13. AWESOME PICS!!! great job!

    we got about a foot of snow here. :dizzy: im going nuts.
  14. Congrats and awesome pics...I will be out all day Friday and Saturday in the spoils of the south trying to find myself some shrooms.