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What county do you hunt in?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Steve, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    What county do you all hunt in Indiana? Just curious and also curious as to what counties have the bigger bucks.
  2. Steuben and La Grange. dont know about the bucks i like to eat doe.I have seen some really nice bucks in LaGrange county.The only way i would take a buck is if he was one of those narly twisted non typicals with all the little points and the massive drop tines. But i dont think i will find him here in indiana.

  3. I hunt in Washington county and scott county. Both produces some nice bucks but without permission from landowners its hard due to hunting pressure on public land
  4. Kosciusko County. Wouldn't call the bucks huge where I hunt, but there pretty nice and both bucks and does are plentiful.:biggrin:
  5. Miami County.

    Not sure by numbers, but I think there is potential from most counties in the state to produce book sized bucks.

  6. I hunt in Noble Co. We always see nice bucks during the season, and does are plentiful.
  7. i hunt in delaware nd la grange county both for pheasent and Delaware for deer and geese nd rabbits..
  8. Elkhart mainly, LaGrange occasionally on a buddy's property...when he invites me!:evil:

    Pressure is pretty heavy in my area, so haven't seen numerous big bucks, but that doesn't really concern me. I see LOTS of smaller bucks and TONS of does. I wish I could get the hunters around me to let some of the smaller bucks mature, but it's a losing battle.

    The antlers may look pretty on the wall, but the does sure taste good in my stomach!!!:corkysm55
  9. I have properties in Lagrange, Noble, Allen, Stueben, and also St. Joe and Branch in Michigan. The biggest bucks ive have seen came from Stueben and Branch. The biggest i shot was out of Ft. Wayne in Allan County. During the urban archery season. Which starts the 15th of sept. and i am stoked about
  10. Vigo and Sullivan. Hopefully will see some good does. I am a meat hunter so I do not care how big the antlers are. You can not eat them and the smaller deer taste better.
  11. Elkhart county this year on private land. Last year I was reduced to hunting the mongo public preserve. What a nightmare and a joke! Elkhart is heavily pressured but I do see two 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 year old bucks in the same field every morning.Good Luck Everyone,
  12. I hunt on 2 farms I lease, one in LaPorte county, and the other in Starke county.
  13. I hunt in Cass County. It seems to produce quite a few big boys every season, unfortunately im usually not the one taking them.
  14. Counties

    A few weeks ago I did a recap on my previous hunting season and found that I hunted in over 40 counties last year at one point or another. My primary pionts of focus are Harrison, Crawford, Washington, Scott, Perry, Clark, Orange, Floyd, Jackson, Jennings and Jefferson counties. Everything else requires a weekend trip at least... those I can cover in a reasonable morning commute.

    Biggest bucks? Judging by the properties I hunt I'd have to say Jennings.
  15. i hunt in kos. and whitley got 2 nice 10 pointers on my wall. But like the does better.