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What did you learn this year ?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by dleslie217, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. I'm a firm believer that no matter how old we get or how smart we think we are, there are always opportunities for us to learn. What is one thing that you have learned through your hunting experiences this season that has made you a better/more successful hunter?

    Myself, I have learned that patience does pay off. The older I get the easier it is to be more patient, but this year I really took faith in the OBR and passed on bucks that I would have shot without a second thought a few years ago. In fact, if I had only waited about 5 minutes longer after taking my buck, I would have had a shot at an even bigger buck. But like they say, hindsight is 20/20. If not for this site and what I have learned about the OBR, I would not have made the commitment to be as patient as I was and would not have taken as nice a buck as I did. I suppose there are other things I learned but, this is probably the single most important lesson that I learned . Thanks guys for educating me on the advantages and opportunities the can be achieved through the OBR.

    Oh yeah, I learned that I really CAN pee out of my treestand and not worry about it. LOL
  2. Ive learned about myself this past season..

    Ive realized that no matter how many times i tell myself to pick a spot and hit a hair that i dont actual do it. Ive learned that lesson the hard way. I tend to see the line of a deers back instead of the pocket where the arrow should go which puts me a touch high on most shots.

    Ive learned that 15 ft may not be enough when there are not many branches on a tree. Try for 20 if possible.

    Ive learned that i have become a much more mature hunter and have gotten past the fill all the tags immediately, gotta see a bunch of deer everytime stage... Ive progressed to focus more on mature animals and the equipment that I use and see that as more important than taking just any animal out there.

    Ive learned that nothign beats hunting with your family and friends. I have spent more time in the woods this year with my dad than i have in the years past and have learned just how much it means to hunt with your family and especially the person that taught you what you know about the outdoors.

  3. what I learned

    I learned (the hard way) this bow season, that no matter how good you think you hit a deer, unless you see or hear it go down you should wait a minimum of 2 hours before picking up the trail. I shot a doe at 40 yards +-, and went to the car to let her lay after not finding any sign of a hit, even though I saw her run of with my arrow. So, I waited a total of about 1 hour 20 minutes and on my way to the car I happened across the blood trail and she was losing a lot just where I crossed the path. So, I decided to go ahead and get the cart and start looking for her. Looked for 4 hours+ covered a lot of ground, found a lot of blood, no deer. So, a minimum of 2 hours after a shot if I dont see or hear it go down no matter how well I think the deer is hit from now on. Hinesight is 20/20
  4. I learned just how much i missed being in the woods.

    Some of you have already heard it, but with being in school and some family issues, i just got away from the whole hunting thing, once i was home, and saw the woods everyday, and the deer all summer, i remembered just how much it meant to me, and how fun it was.

    A great friend of mine married a CO's daughter, and started hunting with him, we had a whole new dimension to talk about. It actually saddens me that I let this area of my life slip away for a time, but now that I am back into it, and have found this sight, full of people to talk about it with (don't get alot of it in my family) i can't wait to keep learning and improve my skills, and hopefully be able to help others along the way.

    I learned how much hunting and what it represents meant to me.
  5. A guy could right a book here. I'll keep it short.

    I have learned some places hold more deer, and having county wide doe permits is a great way to develop swiss cheese in deer populations. One square mile may get hit hard and give up 10 does and the next have none taken year after year. Look next to a town and see people complain about too many deer, yet the next mile over may not have any, and still we are each allowed 4 plus does one and the same.

    I have learned that no one and I mean NO ONE puts forth more effort into gaining access, scouting, and hunting whitetail deer than Scarlet Dew. You can be jealous, you can scoff, but don't call him lucky. He flat out knows what he is doing and I am impressed. That being said when most people I went to school and work with think I am overboard on deer hunting.

    I have learned that Quail, in person, seems to be a quiet fellow, but you wouldn't know that from his posts.

    I have learned not to scoff the unrealistic looking Renzo decoys, some have proven they really can work. I think I will try decoying some next year, but not sure if I can put out the 2-D shiney Renzos and feel good about it.

    I have learned Weimer is letting another generation of trophy bucks die of old age in his hunting areas, what a waste.
  6. I learned never go move your stand without your gun (twice):banghead3

    I learned no matter how much your wife says she understand your love for hunting, she doesnt:coco:

    I learned some people get awful groochy around the end of deer season:bash:

    I learned never give up took me many hours to finally get my buck:biggrin:

    I learned a picture of Pigeon with his shirt off will not get your women in the mood:yikes:

    I learned I should have married into JL family so I could have sit in his killer stand :(

    I learned Tree is a great outdoorsman but has no clue on those toothy creatures, better luck next time Tree:fish:

    I learned Bo has been reincarnated time and time again.:evilsmile

    Last but not least, I learned their is some great people that hang out on this site, Yes, you too Dean:grouphug:
  7. I've been ratted out.

    I learned that in order to be a more successful hunter and fisherman that I ought to be standing very close to JL when he’s out.
    I learned that weather you’re fishing for walleye, bass, pike or salmon, Tucker will still be landing bluegill. (not to be considered a bad point, because sooner or later, Tuck will invite you to one of those fish fries).
    I learned that you can be deadly without a peep. (all hail to crossfire hindsights)
    I learned regardless of seeing deer, that I have to have my time in the woods.
    I continue to learn there are some damn good guys on this site willing to share their home, gear, time and experiences with anyone willing to listen and learn.
    I learned that my slug gun may in fact gather dust next year (thanks to all the M/L advice received).
    I learned that bottom bouncing with friends (leave it alone, Dean) leads to a fun afternoon, and actually lands a few ‘eyes in the boat.
    I learned a day with no squirrels , is still a fantastic way to spend the afternoon with my kids.
  8. It looks like we're including some fishing lessons in this thread as well. Good! I learned how to catch walleyes around here this spring! I learned a great deal about travel patterns, bedding patterns, herding patterns, and feeding patterns in a spot I haven't hunted much in the past (I also learned that I was an IDIOT for not hunting this spot harder a long time ago). I learned that Scott isn't lying...Dew is as hardcore as it gets! I also learned that Scooter is VERY knowledgable about land and water management. I learned that Dean REALLY likes Van Halen. I learned that Dustin can put together some mean arrows. I learned that I'd really like to spend more time with the guys I had dinner with in Warsaw. I learned that Brew deserved that great big buck this year. I learned that I'm not the only U of M fan on here. :) I learned about tile work. I learned that Pigeon needs to keep a shirt on (Please!). I learned that some of these brand newbies are pretty good guys to talk with. Lastly, I learned that I'm very lucky...I'm lucky to have a wife and an occupation that lets me do the things that I love...and do them all the time!
  9. I learned that when you hunt sunday mornings and tell your wife you'll meet her there in time before service better show up! Oop's!
  10. i've learned it doesn't matter if i'm succesful in the woods or not i still love it. i've learned i can't bring myself to shoot a young buck even when i'm frustrated. i've learned i would rather bow hunt than gun hunt. i've learned i'm tired of military refuge gun hunts. i've learned quality hunting equipment far out weighs the price. i've learned that this site has became like an old friend, lotta good people.
  11. I've learned that I need more hunting property.
  12. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Where do i begin? I learned that work often gets in the way of hunting but without work, there would be no hunting! That i can enjoy hunting stories through a computer screen, I trully am happy for each and everyone of the guys who filled their tags, many times i felt i was right there with ya as you were explaining how it went down! I have witnessed more this year then ever, that its not about the kill, but about the time spent with friends. I have learned not to explain to your 5 year old about deer anatomy, because when your friend misses the vitals on your 3d target,its very hard to explain why he just "gutshot" the deer...:yikes:
    I realized that familys get bigger, and people move away and when you cant spend as much time in the woods as you like, you can make up for it with a quality hunt.(hunt today like you cant tommorow!) I realized i may have a few more friends in this world and that makes me feel like i am doing my job by promoting the hunting tradition. lastly, i learned that i am going to be a daddy again and there is nothing more exciting then that, not the biggest of booners or the largest of lunkers can compare to the joy of being a parent, i am blessed and feel i have the best wife in the world that supports me 100%, hey, after all shes the one that talked me into buying a new muzzleloader!!!!Thanks everyone for a great season.... its not over till its over!!!!!!
  13. I've learned when dealing w/ a wild animal, they never do what you have learned they would....... LOL The buck i shot this year should have been long gone the first time i jumped him. He realy must have been exhausted, because i jumped him 3 times about 50 yards apart each time, untill i got wise..... I finnally got him!
  14. Learn every time I hunt. Lots to learn when you set a standard of a caliber of buck you are willing to kill. Tag soup is not to be feared, but embraced. If it happens, it happens. Still trying and NOT SKEERED.
  15. Hey Seabee

    Congradulations to you and your wife, wish you the best.