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What do you guys think????

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by bigbitt22, May 27, 2007.

  1. I was reading in the Evansville paper today about this 11 year old boy killing this hog down in Georiga that is bigger than the hogzilla that was killed. Has anyone else heard about this? If it is true congrats to him! :coco: :coco:

  2. Whole thing is garbage. Not even worth talking about. Tame hog, low fence, irresponible youngster and adults. Just an all around FUBAR situation
  3. Its was a tamed hog that was sold by owners because they wanted to get rid of all there hogs. Doesnt seem as impressive now does it?
  4. even if it was a wild hog the kid was a dumb hilljack who had no business running around the woods with a .50 cal. I'd have to wager that his parents weren't any more intelligent since he had to get the .50 cal somewhere, along with permission to run around the woods like an idiot lob shells at a giant pig for 3 hours. When some idiot takes 10+ shots over the course of 3 hours at the same animal it makes us all look bad and gives PETA more fuel for their fire. I agree with marsh...whole situations fubar