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What ever happened with the Morgantown Buck?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Flintlocker, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. I know, from talking with my family source within the DNR, that the Morgantown buck was illegally taken.

    What I don't know, and haven't heard, is what became of the deer and the people involved in taking it? Was it confiscated? Was it ever measured? Has the hunter been prosecuted yet?

    We all agree that the hunter(s) involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But, what do you think should happen to the confiscated rack? I have an idea for that.

    We hear about the really nice bucks, or the rare species that are confiscated by our heros at the DNR. I think that bucks, like the one Greendeem snared or the Morgantown buck, should be mounted, measured and displayed along with their story. Where was it killed, who killed it, what price did they pay? If it qualifies, enter it in the books. Give the deer, and the state, it's due.

    The DNR already displays at the State Fair, County fairs, and at other such events. A display like this would let us the potential of our natural resources. It could also serve as a warning of the wages of sinning against our wildlife bounty.

    That's what I think...How about you?
  2. We had an ICO moderator on here say that the Morgantown buck was a legal and legit kill shortly after it was taken...

  3. I can only go by what I've heard recently. My source is family, and she works in one of the Wildlife Biology field offices in S Indiana. I presume she knows something....

    Any one else have recent information?
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  5. Flintlocker, my sources tell me your source is mis-informed.
  6. My ideas on it or any other huge deer is. A. Prosecute the scum that killed it.
    B. Display it at state DNR display. C. Go ahead and score it and say it would have been x place in the Indiana Book. D. Display what happened to the poacher that killed it.
  7. IMO - The deer was legal and now resides in a "big shot's" den somewhere.

    Probably brags to his friends how he "took it".

    Or maybe the original hunter still has it and said he traded it off to get the hounds off his back porch?

    No offense to your DNR family member but I believe she is just repeating a misguided rumor.

    The CO in that area said it was legal. That was good enough for me.
  8. DON"T KNOW even if there was such a buck killed.
  9. It would have been neat to have seen it next to brew's buck at the show. Too bad it had to disappear.:( I would agree that it is on some big shots wall, right now.:cheeky-sm

  10. Maybe so....Gotta go with what I hear, and she is usually pretty reliable. I hope in my heart of hearts that it is all legal and above board. It is a shame that this buck had to go underground, for what ever reason.
  11. Would someone please tell me if this buck was killed then why has it not been seen somewhere? It does not make any sense why someone would kill the buck and then sell it to someone and then that someone does not want anyone to see the deer. THAT IS PLAIN DUMB, what is it going to prove if whoever has the buck (if there was a buck) keeps it in the closet. Lots of these huge bucks that we have been seeing (I still believe) that they were killed in other states or in high fences, all you have to do is look at them and you can tell that something is not right was them. I sell vitamins and minerals to a lot of the people who raise fence in deer and they will tell you that people will buy a huge buck and shoot it behind fences and paid the owner to say nothing about it. Just don't make sense why anyone would buy a buck after someone else shoot it and then hide it. JUST PLAIN DUMB
  12. 410 mentioned a high fence...can anyone tell me something about the one along I-65 near the SR 47 exit? It is on the west side of the highway right south of the rest areas. Is this part of the Old Indiana Fun Park, or what?

    Just curious. I see it whenever we travel that way and wonder....
  13. that is correct i know at one time they were thinking of a high fenced area to hunt but never happened
  14. My buddy was at a county fair in Morgan Co. I believe, and he took a picture of the Buck, it was on display with other big Bucks this guy has killed over the years, not sure where it is now.......

  15. That is a guys private ranch, he doesn't let import any deer but traps them in there so he and his buddies can shoot them.