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What happens to the big ones?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by buckfart, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. These pics will be two years old this October. Wonder what happened to him? Maybe he will show up again.:16suspect
  2. He turned 5.5 and became a ghost......i've heard it told that these guys reappear when they get to be 7.5 and's to hoping...

  3. heard that as well. i'd crap myself if he showed up this year...can you imagine what he'd look like:yikes: . As far as I know no one shot anything that resembles him so i'm hoping he's still wandering around.
  4. Interesting set of antlers there. Hope you get a glimpse of him this year.
  5. What a cool deer.:coolgleam

    The thing to remember about a deer like that. He got that way for one reason ... he's smart. He knows how to lay low and hide. Good luck finding him this year! One heck of a trophy if you do find him, whether he's bigger or well into his decline. What an animal.:coolgleam
  6. I want a deer with "acorn" tipped tines! (g3 on his right side)
  7. Another thing that could've happened to him is he could have died of a natural cause, hit by a car, nailed by a poacher....many different scenarios. And, of course, he could still be out there, hiding in the shadows, coming out only after dark, etc.

    Here's hopin' you see him again.
  8. He might be hiding in the mens restroom at IHOP.:)