What is considered a large deer track?

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  1. Hey Everyone, What is considered a large track for a whitetail buck? Or, what is the largest track you've ever seen anywhere? I'm talkin' from dew claws to the front of the hoof? This may seem strange at this time of year, and/or silly; but I'm just curious to know what people consider an above average track....
  2. I've seen a print this week that was the biggest I've evr seen. Seemed pretty fresh, and very little distortion. I'm not a big guy, but my hand barely covered it front dew claw to the tips of it's hooves. I'm talking wrist to finger tips (7 1/2"). It's width was probably 3 - 3 1/2" wide. That seems pretty big to me, but I never really focused on it much. Anyone an expert? Good timing Weimer!

  3. Get a picture of it Jeffrey. Make sure you use something in the pic. so we can compare it's size.
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  4. Will take apic 2morrow if I can break free from the mothers day festivities....
  5. About the same as crooked is talking about. If I get back over in the wood and field I will take a picture too.
  6. If I'm looking a field, or the woods, where they aren't slipping, and are good solid, up and down tracks, I like to see the main hoof the size of my palm. Never paid much attention to dew claws. But if the "knuckle mark" itself, will fill my palm...i consider it a good, large deer.
  7. "I'd like to see a hoofprint 9"- 10" across, boy that would be a nice deer."LOL Hi Jack!
  8. without seeing the deer that made it how do you know it was a buck?maybe an old mature doe? i have seen tracks tip to dues about 8 inches
  9. [​IMG]

    I'm sorry for the poor photo, but it's the best I could do. I took this photo on September 3, 2007 on the edge of a recently cleared flat area on my father's property. He'd had a bulldozer in there a week before to clear out all the trees and growth.

    My hand is approximately 4" across and 8" long. The ground was not muddy, nor was it on uneven ground. I saw 7 or 8 different bucks on that 40 acres, but never the buck that made that track.
  10. There are ways to tell, but it's tough. An old, mature doe will leave rear tracks just outside of her front tracks (due to wider hips for birthing), while a buck's front and back tracks will typically fall in the same line.
  11. Are you mocking me? Do you mock me, Sir?
  12. "DO you threaten me??????" "I need T.P."..........May have to wait another day to get those pics..... my old man is mowing back there right now..... Hopefully they will still be there.
  13. i'll check that out jl thanks for the info
  14. This was sent to me by anonymous source...

    the cuddleback pamphlet is 6'' long and 4 7/8'' wide...

    looks like a truck to me...

  15. Wow, that's one huge doe track right there.......